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Moroccan Recipes

Moroccan Recipes (made easy!)

Moroccan food can sometimes have a reputation for being difficult to make and hard to master. For some recipes this is certainly true however, there are many easy Moroccan recipes that you can master. Most of the recipes here I have adapted for a kitchen outside of Morocco; using ingredients and equipment that you can find more easily. On this page you’ll find all of my Moroccan recipes broken down by course.

Moroccan Breakfast Recipes

Moroccan Breakfast Recipes

A typical Moroccan breakfast at home is very simple; tea and bread with olive oil. However as a visitor you're likely to encounter much more elaborate breakfast tables. Some of the things that are also served for breakfast on special occasions or in riads and hotels are found here.

Moroccan Salad Recipes

Moroccan Starter Recipes

Most Moroccan salads are cooked salads that are served at room temperature to accompany the main dish - specifically tajines. But you can also make several to stand alone as a great vegetarian option.

Moroccan Soup Recipes

Harira with boiled eggs and dates

Moroccan Soup Recipes

You might think in a place that has an arid climate soup isn't on the menu often - you'd be wrong. Soups like harira are served daily during Ramadan and in winter months you'll often find other types.

Moroccan Tajine Recipes

Berber Tajine Lunch

Morocco’s most popular export? Moroccan food is known for tajine and yes there is a lot served here. But, there are countless varieties of tajines – many only made at home and rarely on restaurant menus.

Tajine Recipes

Morocco's most popular export? Moroccan food is known for tajine and yes there is a lot served here. But, there are countless varieties of tajines - many only made at home and rarely on restaurant menus.

Moroccan Couscous Recipes

Corn Couscous with Vegetables

Couscous Recipes - The Moroccan Way

No instant couscous here! Moroccan couscous takes hours to make and is massaged with love and care. It's one of the most delicious things you might eat - at least when it's made correctly. In Morocco vegetables are typically cooked until they are very soft however you can cook to your liking - I prefer mine on the more al dente side.

Moroccan Main Dish Recipes

Tangia pot in Marrakech

Moroccan Main Dish Recipes

It's not all cousocus and tajine - no not at all. There are many other dishes that make up Moroccan cuisine. Which will be your favorite?

Moroccan Desert Recipes

Gluten Free Almond Ghriba

Moroccan Desert Recipes

Moroccan dessert after a meal is usually fresh fruit. However pastries to make an appearance; they're just served in the afternoon with tea or on special occasions.

Moroccan Drink Recipes

Saharawi Tea Ceremony in Western Sahara

Moroccan Drink Recipes

The most famous Moroccan drink recipe is of course mint tea but that doesn't mean there aren't other drinks as well.

Moroccan Bread Recipes

Moroccan batbout

Moroccan Bread Recipes

Bread is critical to the Moroccan diet. It's not only the base of the cuisine but serves as a utensil for eating things like tajines or making sandwiches to eat on the go. There are countless varieties of bread made depending on where in the country you go.

Moroccan Condiment Recipes

How to Make Moroccan Condiments

You may need some of these items to round off your recipes. Condiments like harissa and charmoula are critical to some recipes. A few of these recipes are my own creation using Moroccan inspiration.

Discover Moroccan recipes that are easier to make than you might think!

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