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Visiting Morocco and Need Help Planning?

I regularly get emails from readers who are looking for help planning their trips to Morocco. While I wish that I had the time to help everyone, it’s simply not possible. 

I have put together a few options for travelers needing more help.

Option 1

I have taken all of my best advice and information to help you plan your time in Marrakech (and will hopefully expand this to the rest of the country) and put it into an online interactive course/trip planning resource. This course is only $79 and you have lifetime access. 

I’ve put anything and everything you could possibly want to know to plan the most amazing adventure in Marrakech in this resource and included a lot of bonus materials as well!

I continually update this site with more information whenever it becomes needed.

The Marrakech Magic Trip Planner

Option 2

Schedule a 1-to-1 Travel Coaching Session with me.

This is the only way I will be able to answer your questions about travel to Morocco. Come prepared with your ideas and questions in hand and we’ll spend 60 minutes together making sure everything is answered and you feel confident and ready to explore Morocco. 

How it works:

Immediately after signing up you’ll get a preparation worksheet so that we both can be best prepared for our time together. 

On the call we’ll talk through your ideas and also any general questions you have.

When we’re done I’ll send you the itinerary and/or ideas we’ve mapped out for your travels within 48 hours. 

I will only be offering very limited coaching sessions each month. 

Schedule Appointment

Option 3 – Book a Tour – Please do it for me!

I often see two types of tourists visiting Morocco; those who prefer to have a vacation planned start to finish for them, and then there are people who want to plan their own trip but need a little assistance.

The Good News?

We can help you with both!

Whether you’re the first type of traveler, looking for a reputable agency to help you from start to finish or you’re the second, someone who just needs some help, we can work together. I am partnering with Kathi of Roaming Camels, here in Marrakech, to offer travel planning services.

There are multiple levels of help, depending on how complex or in depth your questions are. 

Plan A – You’re planning a trip of under 5 days

For trips to Morocco that are less than five days this is the plan for you. This option allows you to ask the questions you may have and get help planning your itinerary. If you’d rather not handle the booking and reservations (riads, hotels, drivers etc), you can request a quote for handling the complete planning of your trip; including bookings.

This service starts at $200, the cost of your travel reservations is in addition to this if you choose to have us do this for you.

Plan B – You’re planning a trip of 5-14 days

For a long term trip to Morocco you may need more help planning and coordinating where to go and where to stay. If you are in need of this type of assistance there are different price levels depending on your specific needs. Please get in touch with us to discuss your specific needs, we can then provide you a quote.

Plan C – Something different

We recognize no two travel plans are alike. If you have special circumstances or situations, this is the plan you’ll likely fall under. When you get in touch, we’ll be able to let you know how we can help and provide you a price quote.

For all of our plans we’ll provide information that can include;

  • budgeting (what will this trip really cost?)
  • accommodations
  • attractions
  • airfare tips and hints
  • other logistical hints and tips

I am very happy to have found a partner to assist with helping as many travelers as possible along this journey to Morocco! Kathi will be facilitating emails and we will both be weighing in on advice for travelers.

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Thursday 5th of May 2016

Hey there Amanda... So, I've seen on your social media accounts museums in Marrakech. When we head south, we usually just make a stop in Marrakech just so we can head to Ourika on the way to 'Ssaouira. However, maybe you could have a post about cool Museums to visit in Marrakech. Maybe even in other towns too! I love that! Thanks!

Amanda Mouttaki

Tuesday 10th of May 2016

Good idea - adding to the list!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.