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About me

Hi, I’m Amanda or MarocMama as you’ll get to know me!

I began writing MarocMama as a young mom wanting to share the challenges and triumphs of parenting in a cross-cultural relationship. I’ve enjoyed writing and reading for as long as I can remember. It was a way for me to explore far off places when I felt stuck in the very small, rural community in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

I couldn’t wait to leave!

At 16, I took my first international trip and as soon as I stepped out of the airport in Athens, Greece I knew it was a travelin’ life for me! I met my husband (MarocBaba) on a vacation in Marrakech Morocco when we were just 20 years old, we married shortly after meeting and have three children (M is 16, K is 13, and A is 2 years old.)

We lived in the US for almost 10 years and then decided to move to Morocco. The information and advice I share here is from first-hand experience. It’s not just a Marrakech travel blog or Morocco travel blog but a collection of experiences, places, and insight gleaned from years of experience.

Second only to my love of travel is my love of great tasting, amazing food. I’m always up to try most things (except the snails, don’t ask me to do that again!). I plan my travel around what I can eat first, then what else there is to see.

MarcocMama is a blog for food-loving, adventurous travelers who want to connect with people and places on a more authentic level.

Get tips, stories, and inspiration to have experiences outside your comfort zone as you explore Morocco and the rest of the world. Whether you’re traveling solo or have kids in tow, you’ll find honest, practical advice about non-bucket-list destinations around the world.

MarocMama offers travel stories that bring you along on the journey, practical advice to help you plan your own adventures, and recipes from around the world so you can re-live your travel experiences long after you return home.

How I can help YOU?

Over the years I have realized people visit MarocMama for a lot of reasons. While I don’t have the answer to all your questions what I will always aim to provide is;

  • travel information and advice about Morocco from someone that lives here – not just someone that visited for a few days.
  • in-depth information about life in Marrakech
  • insight to life in Morocco; whether you want to move here or you’re just want to see what it’s like
  • ways and ideas to bring Morocco home with you – even if you have never visited!
  • Recipes, shopping tips and more will let you feel pieces of the country in your own homeland.

It’s not all Morocco all the time. You’ll also find travel tips, product reviews ,and posts on our travels around the world.

My goal is to give you a place where you can get all of the help you need to start traveling – to Morocco and elsewhere and to bring that life into your home – wherever home is!

What I Can’t Provide

While I try my best to be a resource for people there are a few things I can’t/won’t do.

  • I’m not a matchmaking service. Please don’t ask me to introduce you to my friends for relationships.
  • I can not/will not provide analysis of your relationship/potential relationship. A lot of people have asked me for advice on this and the truth is I’m not in a position to provide this type of analysis nor do I want to put myself in the position to judge a relationship that I have little knowledge of.
  • Detailed trip planning assistance. I have a lot of information for free here please read through. If you’d like help organizing your trip check out my Marrakech Trip Planning Resource or my food guide to Marrakech.

I know you’re thinking, so what kind of credentials do you have? Why should I trust you? Here’s a few of the places I’ve been included and speaking engagements I’ve done.

What Readers Are Saying

After having spent a week in Morocco and being exposed to wonderful, flavorful new foods and spices, I wanted to see if I could make some dishes myself.  I had done an amazing food tour with Amanda at MarocMama where she took me into the Medina and brought me to many marvelous stands that I would not have found on my own.  Not to mention, with her by my side I at least knew I could make it out of all of the twists and turns the Medina offers!
Having gone back to Amanda’s website once home, I saw that she had a cookbook for purchase/download.  I immediately bought it and have used it ever since to the delight of myself and my family!


Pennsylvania, USA

My friend Gigia and I planned a two-week trip to Morocco on our own. We used a lot of resources, and the one that always brought the most joy and usefulness was MarocMama. 

MarocMama newsletter was one I always opened, read, and found value from. The personable tone and up-to-date information was always welcome. I bought the Marrakesh Food Guide and found it so helpful. For me, it’s all about the food, and this guide and other pieces on the blog helped make sure I ate great food all the time. 

MarocMama is an excellent resource for all things Morocco! And I also enjoy reading about Amanda’s other adventures and recommendations. 


Intrepid Traveler

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Sunday 21st of April 2024

Hello MarocMama,

Thank you for so kindly sharing your cross-cultural insights that are very helpful to those interested in Morocco. Although I live in Florida, I own (and use!) a glazed and an unglazed (like much better for cooking) Tagine and two earthen charcoal braziers (Majmar?), all of which I love cooking with. I just acquired a Tangia and have read of the dish's origin with men cooking on Fridays overnight in the Farnatchi. Here's where I (we) need your on-site help. I've seen several references to "Veggie Tangia" (as opposed to Vegetarian Tagine), but have had zero luck in finding a recipe. I realize that traditional Tangia is very much a meat dish, but the mentions suggest that perhaps occasionally a man, perhaps strapped for resources, made a veggie version. So, you would be doing the vegetarian aficionados of Moroccan flavors a great service if you were able to track down an authentic Marrakech *veggie* Tangia recipe! Thank you in advance!

Amanda Mouttaki

Monday 29th of April 2024

Hi Christopher, The only thing I have seen is white beans that are cooked the same way as meat in the tangia pot, same ingredients, soaked beans and a little more water! I'll keep hunting though.

Susan McDonald

Monday 15th of January 2024

Hi Amanda, I was fortunate enough to travel to Morocco way back in 1979. Absolutely loved the country. I,m in Australia and am the International officer for our local CWA (County Women's Association). Our country of study this year is Morocco and I'm doing a scrapbook. Your 77 interesting facts on Morocco will be very helpful, thank you. Can you please tell me up to what year this information was written. Many thanks.

Amanda Mouttaki

Tuesday 30th of January 2024

Hi Susan - that post was last updated in 2022.


Monday 6th of March 2023

Wonderful Blog and great food resources. We are travelling to Morocco in a few days and I just printed out your food guide as well as the gluten free guide--these are fabulous! Wondering though, as you mention eating fruit and salads as well as ice cream{Apparently they add water to them}, which are all foods that I have been warned about as they commonly make travellers sick. What is your take on this?

Amanda Mouttaki

Friday 10th of March 2023

Ice cream is heated and then frozen so most things are killed off. I think everyone has to go with their own level of comfort with these things. You can always make sure raw fruit and salad is dried off. Peel fruits if you're concerned of sickness. Most all salads in Morocco are cooked vs raw so this becomes less of an issue. I tend to eat everything anywhere I go but know people have different sensitivities and you'll have to gauge a little on how comfortable you feel with it.


Monday 20th of February 2023

Thank you! I have just spent the most amazing 2 weeks traveling though Morocco, and I can not wait to travel back and fill in with the places I missed. I read your posts and found it to be wonderful information. It is just now, that I read your bio (because I’m still under the spell of the country!) and I was pretty shocked that you were from the UP. I am as well. A tiny town in the west end, Bessemer… I too left young and traveled but as a flight attendant. Thank you for all you have accomplished here, and Bravo!

Evelyne Cohen

Monday 31st of October 2022

As a French Moroccan Jewish woman that lives in the US and was born in Casablanca in 1958 and left in 1961 It has always been a dream to return to my homeland and learn more while visiting the sites from my youth. This blog has given me insight to a world unknown that I can only aspire to travel to one day soon.

Amanda Mouttaki

Monday 31st of October 2022


It would be an honor to know you and show you the land of your birth. I do hope you can return. <3