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Due to the number of emails I receive, I am unable to answer any questions immediately. I typically handle email inquiries twice a week. Please check the common questions section below to see if I have already answered your question elsewhere.

Common Questions

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I provide a lot of information on MarocMama for travel across the country. However, if you want more specific information, please consult the trip planning page to see what options there are for further assistance.

I have written about my own experience however I am not in a position to offer specific advice to anyone regarding their relationship. Please do not email to ask me about this. I am not comfortable judging or offering advice on anyone’s personal situation or relationship.

Wonderful! I am always interested in working with new people. To begin please get acquainted with my work with marocmama page to see if our partnership is a good fit.

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My contact email is [email protected]

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Abi Hopkins

Sunday 13th of August 2017

Great blog and site Amanda! I visit Marrakech frequently - Im just back from a short trip there and back again at the end of September. I currently have a photography exhibition in the Henna Art Cafe if you have time to visit it and have a cool drink with Lori and her team.

Keep up the great blog posts - I always look forward to reading them as they are always really informative!

Amanda Mouttaki

Tuesday 22nd of August 2017

Love Henna Art Cafe - Lori is a good friend ;) I'm out of Morocco until next month but will have to swing by to see your work!

Bree foran

Thursday 13th of July 2017

Hi very clear and concise information re residents card morocco. Does anyone know of a someone in Agadir perhaps lawyer or someone who deals with applying for residence card? I would to have someone to sort out the necessary paper work and help me through the process. I am married to Moroccan citizen.

Thanks Bre

Amanda Mouttaki

Friday 14th of July 2017

None that I know of. It's pretty straight forward you just need to go to the main police station to get what documents your local precinct requires depending on the category you are applying under. I'm sure there are lawyers that would be happy to take your money but I don't know how productive it would end up being.

Cindy Baammi

Friday 9th of December 2016

Hi can I ask All the documents you list here to get a Moroccan residence permit is the same as the documents I produced to marry my Moroccan husband. I have our marriage contract in English and Arabic I have my police record number (dossier number) I've been through the whole process of register office, family court, police check in rebat, embassy in rebat, doctors certificate, income checked, had all my papers translated. Do I really have to do it all again Or does the marriage contract act as evidence that everything is good. As if it was not good I could not marry Please could someone help me with this ??

Amanda Mouttaki

Sunday 11th of December 2016

Yes you really need to give them everything again. And when you apply for the renewal of the residency permit you must produce all the same documents again. I totally get the frustration!


Thursday 28th of July 2016

Hi Amanda.

Just want to start off by saying you have a great blog!

Could you please answer a question for me regarding a carte sejour; When it came to the background check, it wasn't required that it be from the U.S.? Unfortunately the request I made for one was mailed to the wrong address and never recieved, so I am trying to find a solution. Hopefully I can get a background check from Rabat. Thanks a lot!

Amanda Mouttaki

Saturday 30th of July 2016

I had a police check from my state in the US (I just got it from my local police precinct) and provided that along with the other paperwork. I know other people have needed an FBI check but I was never asked for this. You should double check with your local office- from whichever city in Morocco you'll be applying as it can vary city to city.