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17 Ideas Of What to Serve with Moroccan Tagines

When thinking about what to serve with Moroccan tagines, the side dishes often include a variety of Moroccan salads. It can be a single salad or it can be half a dozen! The first thing I want to point out is that couscous is not a side dish to the tagine. Sure, if you want to you can serve it any way you like. But many people assume and use couscous the same way as you might use rice as a side dish to a curry. That’s not how it’s served.

You’ve got your eye on a great Moroccan tajine recipe but you’re stumped wondering what to serve alongside the main dish. The good news is there is no hard and fast rule about what you should do. That being said there are some ideas about what is typically done in Morocco.

Moroccan tagine with chicken and onions, vegetable and lamb tagine dishes with the text 17 Ideas of What to Serve with Moroccan Tagines

Many Moroccan side salads, commonly referred to as Moroccan side dishes, are actually cooked. So they’re a bit more like a side dish than a salad – though salad is the term you’ll hear them referred to. While in Morocco these are often cooked until very soft, you can cook to the firmness you prefer.

Why Cook with a Tagine

Cooking in a tagine is a culinary adventure when conjuring the rich and aromatic flavors of Moroccan cuisine. The term “tagine” not only refers to the unique conical-shaped cooking vessel but also encapsulates the delectable concoctions simmering within – a harmonious blend of sweet and savory tastes that tantalize the taste buds. In the heart of traditional Moroccan kitchens, ingredients are carefully packed into the tagine, its lid snugly secured, and the slow-cooking process begins. Originally, this pot was placed over a smoldering charcoal fire, but modern kitchens have adapted, allowing for the same slow-cooking in ovens or on stovetops.

The tagine’s versatility is reflected in its various types, some tailored for oven or stovetop use, while others serve as visually appealing serving dishes. While the traditional earthenware tagines add an authentic touch, modern versions made from metal or flameproof glazed ceramic provide convenience without compromising this age-old cooking method.

How to Serve Tagine Side Dishes

6 womens' hands reach to the middle of table that has a large plate with roasted lamb

In Morocco, the tajine is the central dish on the table. Everyone generally sits around a round table to eat. On smaller plates around the table are the salads, each meant to be for 1-2 people, including tagine side dishes. In some homes, you might find individual small salads for each person. Generally, there are no individual plates; everyone eats from the dishes using bread to pick up their food. If you’re making a tajine, then you also should include some bread.

If you’re short of time, any crusty bread like a French baguette will work. If you have the time, try your hand at Moroccan khobz! When considering what to serve with tagine, incorporating a variety of salads and traditional bread options enhances the dining experience.

Side Dishes that Work for All Tagines

There are always a few dishes that will work for everything, especially when considering tagine accompaniments. When pondering what to eat with tagine, I like to use at least one of these to make things easier on myself!

What to Serve with Chicken Tagine

Some ideas for chicken tagine side dishes, particularly suited to complement the rich flavors of the dish, encompass a variety of choices. From classic couscous and roasted vegetables to vibrant Moroccan salads and side dishes, here are plenty of delicious accompaniments to enhance your dining experience.

What to Serve with Moroccan Lamb Tagine

When contemplating what to serve with lamb tagine, it’s important to note that many of these suggestions would also complement beef dishes. The higher fat content of the meat means that dishes with a bit more acid or a lighter profile make a better pair for these dishes. Consider options that balance the richness of the meat, such as couscous, rice, or a refreshing side salad. Additionally, exploring diverse lamb tagine accompaniments can enhance the overall dining experience, providing a variety of flavors and textures to complement the aromatic dish.

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