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This year I almost moved to eating completely meat-free. I still enjoy it from time to time, maybe a bite here or there but I’ve lost most of the “taste” for meat than having any other objections to it. To be honest, I don’t miss it at all. But, living in Morocco this isn’t always easy to convey. People don’t understand why I would choose not to eat meat if I have the ability (money) to eat it. There are lots of vegetarian Muslims in the world, and those who would prefer to eat only zabiha halal meat but can’t afford it or find it.

Mix up your iftars with some of these vegetarian options.


Roasted red pepper and gouda soup

Roasted Red Pepper, Zucchini, and Gouda Soup – DIY Budget Girl

Zucchini and Potato Curry Soup

Zucchini and Potato Curry Soup -DIY Budget Girl

Cheddar Popcorn Soup

Cheddar Popcorn Soup


Grilled nectarine and arugula salad

Grilled Arugula and Nectarine Salad – Caroline’s Cooking

Strawberry Quinoa Salad

Strawberry Quinoa Salad

Moroccan Carrot Chickpea Salad with Dried Fruit

Moroccan Carrot, Chickpea, Dried Fruit, and Almond Salad

Mediterranean Winter Salad |

Mediterranean Winter Salad

Finger Foods

Onion Cheddar Sourdough Focaccia

Onion Cheddar Cheese Foccacia – Flour on My Face

 Cheddar Garlic Goat Cheese - its

Cheddar Garlic Goat Cheese-Its

Homemade Sea Salt Soft Pretzels

Homemade Sea Salt Soft Pretzels

Moroccan Ma'akouda Patties

Moroccan Ma’akouda – Potato Patties

Thai Red Curry Pakora

Thai Red Curry Pakora

Do you have a favorite vegetarian iftar recipe? Share it below!

See the other allergen friendly iftar ideas: Gluten Free Moroccan Iftar and Vegan Iftar ideas (coming soon)


12 Vegetarian Iftar Ideas |


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  • 6:13 pm

    This is great, thanks.

    As a follow up, do you fancy posting some vegan Iftar recipes?

    Mary x

  • 4:36 pm

    Thanks so much for sharing my soup posts! 🙂


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