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Moroccan Ramadan Cookie Madness!

Moroccan Ramadan Cookie Madness!

Ramadan has quietly crept up and here in Morocco we’ll be starting sometime next week. That means this weekend our house will be buzzing with activity as my sister in laws all converge to make Ramadan staples. I’m actually somewhat surprised this didn’t start weeks ago as in years past they often are preparing even a month beforehand. I also realized that so many of my Ramadan resources are scattered across this website so I decided to put them all in one place so that you can easily find them. (Find that on the new Ramadan Resources page)

But, if you’re looking for the important thing, Moroccan Ramadan cookies, you’re in the right place. I’m putting together all the cookie recipes I could find, both my own and from around the web so that you have a single resource.

MarocMama Ramadan Cookies

Moroccan Cookies

Gluten – Free Ghriba

Ghriba are a really common cookie served year round during Ramadan. They’re also really easy to make and perfect for someone short on time or unsure about making some of the more complex cookies. I tweaked some original recipes to make gluten-free versions of this cookie so that everyone in my family could enjoy them.

Gluten Free Lemon, Vanilla, and Almond Ghriba

Pistachio Rosewater Ghriba

Sesame Ginger Ghriba

Finished Kaab Gazelle

Ka’ab Gazelle

These are the queen of Moroccan pastry. They’re also pretty difficult to master. The dough must be very thin but not so thin that it breaks when the cookies are shaped. When baked it’s important the cookies never brown. I’ll warn you that you will make mistakes but don’t give up. Once you’ve mastered it you’ll never feel more proud!

Ka’ab Gazelle Recipe and Photo Tutorial

Mhncha Ramadan Cookies

Mhncha Cookies

Mhncha are traditionally made very large and are a special dessert for weddings and special occasions but you can also make them smaller. If you’ve never made them then this is a good way to get a start and practice.

Moroccan Mhncha Cookies {Snake Cookies}

How to Make Moroccan Purse Cookies

Pouch Cookies

These are another example of an easy to learn cookie. The filling is the same as is used in Mhncha and Ka’ab Gazelle so if you make a lot you can easily use it multiple ways. You can even get the kids involved to make this one!

Moroccan Pouch Cookie Recipe and Photo Tutorial

Gluten Free Chebakia

Gluten Free Chebakia 

The most popular cooking for Ramadan in Morocco is Chebakia. I tried for years to figure out how to make these gluten-free and they failed time and time again. The defining characteristic of chebakia is the shape. Sadly gluten-free dough does not have the elasticity of the gluten version so I gave up on making them into the same shape. Instead I stuck with a more simple shape. The flavors are all there making the shape trade off a small sacrifice.

Gluten Free Chebakia

Coconut Stuffed Dates

Stuffed Dates

Ok, ok so these aren’t cookies but they are a sweet. I really like serving these because I don’t have to worry about gluten. They’re also really versatile. You can stuff them with anything! In this post I have three different ways you can fill them but there’s probably 20 more. If you’ve got last minute guests these are really easy to throw together using whatever you have around.

Stuffed Dates

Moroccan Ramadan Cookies

Recipes from the Web

If you’re looking for some more inspiration I’ve rounded up some more of my favorite Moroccan cookies to inspire you. Check them out on some of these other blogs.

  • Chebakia – Moroccan Food at — These are the traditional cookie with gluten.
  • Sellou – Moroccan Food at – Sellou is more like a paste than a cookie but is a staple sweet on the Ramadan table.
  • Fekkas – My Moroccan Kitchen. The Moroccan version of biscotti. I love how Nargisse mixes things up with her recipes – a blend of tradition and modern.
  • Mint Tea infused truffles – My Moroccan Kitchen. I am so in love with these. Plus they’re gluten-free and everyone needs some chocolate.
  • Almond Briouats – Moroccan Food at – My American family loves these cookies! They’re simple to make and just one is sweet enough so that you don’t need to overdose on cookies!



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