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6 Delicious Stuffed Medjool Date Ideas

Ramadan will be starting this week and in our house, that means stocking up on the “must-haves” for breaking the fast and cutting down on time spent in the kitchen. One of the staples in every Muslim home during this month is dates, and in my home, that means stuffed Medjool dates.

Truth be told before I met my husband and visited Morocco I had never eaten a date. I wasn’t even really sure what they were. But now they are one of my favorite snacks! You can use them in so many different ways. There is a wide variety of dates on the market and everyone seems to have their favorite. These are great recipes to add to your list of Ramadan date recipes.

How to Choose the Best Dates for Stuffing

I really dislike hard dates. I don’t like the chewy ones either. Medjools are big and soft. They pair well with other foods (stuff them with blue cheese and thank me later) and you only need one or two to get a sweet fix.

  1. Variety: Opt for Medjool dates for stuffing. They are larger, softer, and have a richer flavor compared to other varieties, making them ideal for filling with various ingredients.
  2. Freshness: Look for dates that are plump and glossy, not shriveled. Fresh dates are softer and easier to stuff, and they taste better too. Avoid dates that are overly dry or have crystallized sugar on their surface, as this indicates age.
  3. Texture: The best dates for stuffing are soft and moist but still hold their shape. They shouldn’t be too hard or too mushy. The ideal texture allows for easy pitting and stuffing without the date falling apart.
  4. Size: Since you’ll be filling them, larger dates are preferable. Medjool dates are generally a good size, but within this variety, try to pick the larger ones for more room for stuffing.
  5. Flavor: Taste a date if possible. It should be sweet with hints of caramel, honey, and cinnamon. Avoid dates with any sour or fermented taste, as this could indicate spoilage.
  6. Uniformity: When buying dates in bulk, look for uniformity in size and texture. This is especially important if you’re serving them at a gathering or using them in a recipe where consistency is key.
  7. No Added Sugar: Choose dates that are free from added sugars or syrups. The natural sweetness of the date should be enough, especially when combined with other ingredients.
  8. Pitting: While you can buy pre-pitted dates, freshly pitted dates tend to be fresher and retain more flavor. If you’re comfortable with it, buy whole dates and pit them yourself.
  9. Organic Option: If available, consider organic dates. They are grown without synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, which some people prefer for health and environmental reasons.

Remember, the quality of the dates can make a significant difference in your stuffed date recipes, both in terms of flavor and presentation. Taking the time to select the best dates will enhance the overall experience of your delicious creations.

When you’re invited to a last minute iftar or you want something a little bit more than just the dates. I’ve made these for Ramadan events at our mosque and they’ve always eaten right up!

Buying Medjool Dates Online

There are many different places to buy medjool dates. You can try local Mediterranean or Middle Eastern stores if you live in an area where these stores exists. You also can buy them online.

Stuffed Date Ideas

Peanut Butter Stuffed Medjool Dates

White Chocolate Stuffed Dates

Coconut Stuffed Medjool Dates

Almond Stuffed Medjool Dates

Nutella Stuffed Dates

Gourmet Stuffed Dates

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Saturday 21st of September 2019

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Wednesday 15th of May 2019

Thank you for the recipes! I was wondering if it would be possible to substitute the argon oil with another? I don't have access to culinary grade argon oil.

Amanda Mouttaki

Monday 20th of May 2019

Coconut oil would probably work as well.

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Monday 7th of November 2016

Thank you Amanda for your recipes. I really want to make it my house. Can I use palm sugar? I am afraid it taste different from expected.

Amanda Mouttaki

Tuesday 8th of November 2016

It will taste different and the texture will be different but that might work - give it a try!


Monday 15th of June 2015

Thanks Amanda for the lovely recipes!! wishing you Ramadan Mubarak! Could I substitute honey for the powdered sugar, or use any other healthier sweetener? or does it have to be powdered sugar for texture purposes? Thanks in advance sister.