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Moroccan Breakfast Ideas Worth Waking Up For!

Moroccan breakfast is simple by nature.  Pancakes, fatty sausages, and loads of potatoes are not normal fare.  Instead you’ll find something lighter though usually carbohydrate-laden.  

Breakfast at Kasbah du Toubkal

Typical Moroccan Breakfast Options

If you’re visiting Morocco and staying either at someone’s home or in a riad or hotel you’ll be presented with a variety of different foods. However most people eat a simple breakfast of bread with olive oil and tea. Some things you might find are;

  • baguettes or khobz – Moroccan bread (always)
  • croissants or other types of pastries
  • olive oil to be eaten with the bread, slathered on as we might do with butter
  • butter
  • some type of jam
  • Moroccan mortadella – it’s a processed meat I’d describe as turkey bologna.
  • La Vache Qui Rit cheese triangles – known in the US as Laughing Cow cheese
  • m’semmen (special occasion)
  • beghrir (special occasion)
  • you might also find some fruit or yogurt such as traditional Moroccan Raib
  • eggs/omelette in some cases
  • eggs with khlii (a type of salted lamb or beef)
  • mint tea
  • coffee
  • orange juice

I find Moroccan breakfast to be a contrast tom other meals.  It surprises me how vast the styles, flavors and complexities of lunch and dinner meals can be, while breakfasts and even sweets to some degree are pretty basic.

Tafernout Breakfast in Imlil Morocco

Where to Eat Breakfast in Morocco

A third type of breakfast; not the one at a hotel or in a home is out on the streets.

No guided tour is going to take you to breakfast here, and they’re probably not going to tell you about it either.  Chances are you won’t see too many women eating here. At first glance you won’t sit down, you’ll keep walking by.

Set up inside street-side shops are you’ll see scenes similar to this; large pots or tajines dotting gas burners. Bread and tea pots with glasses. For breakfast there are a variety of different options that will vary based on the stall you visit.  

My favorite is white beans in a tomato sauce.  MarocBaba chooses b’ssara and a stew of lamb stomach.  The interior eating area is very simple, maybe rustic is a good word for it.

The plates are cleared and washed immediately.  You can have as much bread as  you want (the huge baskets under the cooking area let you know there’s plenty to go around).  A pot of hot mint tea is standard.  

As you eat you’ll see many men and boys passing in and out to eat something quickly on their way to work or school.  The best part is – the price is a steal.  You’ll have a great, filling breakfast for under $3.

Moroccan breakfast ideas you can make at home.

Moroccan Breakfast Recipes

Moroccan Breakfast Recipes

If you want to make a Moroccan breakfast table at home, here are some recipes to help you.

Want some specific ideas of where to eat breakfast in Marrakech or brunch in Marrakech? Pick up my guide to dining in Marrakech! It’s full of ideas for all times of day.

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Saturday 9th of May 2020

I've been scouring the internet to figure out how to recreate the chickpea dish I ate almost every day in Marrakesh... really simple, just chickpeas, cumin, and salt, as far as I remember. But I was there a decade ago so I need to jog my memory. I want to make sure I get the proportions right. Can you help? Thank you so much for these sweet recipes and memories of the delicious Moroccan breakfast!

Amanda Mouttaki

Saturday 9th of May 2020

Was it like a snack? Cooked chickpeas with salt and cumin?

Judy mountjoy

Tuesday 2nd of July 2019

Thanks for the great recipes I loved the breakfasts we had while travelling Morocco My favourite was the little pots of house made pot set yoghurt Do you have a recipe for that?

Amanda Mouttaki

Thursday 18th of July 2019

I don't on my blog I'm afraid. It's a bit of a process. Perhaps I will challenge myself one of these days!

Astrid Vinje

Tuesday 30th of May 2017

I was doing a Google search on traditional Moroccan breakfasts, and this post popped up! I love it when I find people I know (even virtually) in my Google searches. My family and I are doing a Moroccan-themed breakfast in honor of Ramadan, and found this to be so helpful. Hope you're doing well!

Amanda Mouttaki

Wednesday 31st of May 2017

I love when that happens too!


Wednesday 5th of April 2017

Seems their breakfast is healthy. I hate the western unhealthy breakfast. We here in Maldives usually eats Tuna fish

Amanda Mouttaki

Thursday 6th of April 2017

Not all western breakfasts are unhealthy ;) It also probably has something to do with what you're used to. Tuna for breakfast wouldn't work for me but am glad you like it.

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