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11 Ramadan Breakfast Ideas for Suhoor

Breakfast in Ramadan is not only crucial, but it can be a really enjoyable time with the family. Not the breaking fast meal, but the early morning suhoor before the fast begins. The way families approach this meal varies so drastically from country to country and kitchen to kitchen.

I am not a fan of getting up after just a few hours of sleep and then cooking an elaborate meal for Ramadan breakfasts. My sleep is just too valuable to me as a working mom. I also don’t like to ever oversleep and miss it (but trust me it has totally happened!) These breakfasts are great to add to your list for Ramadan preparations.

Eating the right foods for suhoor is important to me so that my family and I have the energy to stay active throughout Ramadan. The three most important things for my Ramadan breakfasts are protein, whole grains, and hydration. Variety is nice too. Deliciousness goes without saying.

Here are 11 Ramadan breakfast ideas I think your family will enjoy.

Overnight Oatmeal

Oatmeal is pretty much a miracle food during Ramadan. It’s so good for you, gluten-free (yaye for MarocBaba) and can be topped or flavored a million ways. Throwing your oatmeal into the slow cooker, getting a few hours of sleep and waking up to hot food being nearly ready is an ideal Ramadan breakfast idea for me.


I love frittatas for several reasons. Firstly, it’s like a delicious omelet, but because it’s baked you don’t have to sweat over it and can wake people up while it’s cooking. Also, it’s like a yummy quiche, but without a heavy gluten crust. And it’s super versatile. You can use leftovers in it and prep it the night before. You can even cook it the day before and heat in the microwave. Here are few frittata combinations to choose from.

Savory Pancakes

Maybe you’ve tried Japanese savory pancakes with seafood and veggies or South Asian gluten-free pancakes made with chickpea flour. Savory pancakes are like pan-fried fritters, enjoyed in many cultures and coming in just as many flavors. They are an excellent, satisfying alternative to sugary pancakes. Here are 15 savory pancake recipes to get you started.

Easy Cheesy Pinwheels

For me, pinwheels mean half a day or maybe even overnight prepping. They usually call for yeast dough, rolling out and so on. Here is a brilliant and delicious quick version.

Fried Rice

Fried rice is a yummy treat any time of day. It’s also gluten free, making it a great high-protein breakfast option for my family. This recipe explains all the tricks and will help you achieve perfect fried rice.

Orange Banana Smoothie Bowls

We can make smoothie bowls year round in Marrakech, but it may be warm enough for you to have them for suhoor this Ramadan. Smoothie bowls are beautiful, fun to make, have endless versatility for all your family members’ needs and can be incredibly good for you if you have some healthy toppings stocked up. You don’t have to follow any smoothie bowl recipe perfectly, just make a nice smoothie and sprinkle good stuff on top.

Breakfast Bowls

Unlike smoothie bowls, you can make breakfast bowls that are savory. They offer a fun variety of flavors and textures for breakfast, without the sugar and all neatly piled into one bowl.

Breakfast in a Bun

I love that these are like drive thru style breakfast sandwiches, though likely better for you. Swap out the Canadain bacon for sandwich meats, halal bacon, or even smoked salmon. Whole wheat rolls or English muffins are great for these. Easy and yummy!

BLT with a Twist

I don’t need an excuse to eat a BLT, but this makes it feel a little smarter to eat during Ramadan – a BLT salad! With kale, no less. Some whole grain toast adds a for a slower burn off.


We frequently reheat leftovers from iftar, especially if we had guests and special foods the night before. You can also get sneaky, adding leftovers to omelettes, wrapping them in a tortilla and pan frying them or rolling them into some dough for savory pinwheels. Add some eggs, avocado, sour cream, etc. and call it a breakfast bowl.

Instant Oatmeal

Hold out on using instant oatmeal for those dreaded mornings that you overslept or are otherwise too tired to do much else. Gift your future tired self a treat by ordering a variety of instant oatmeal packs, the steel cut style being an especially nice choice.

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