1960′s Morocco: New King, New Morocco

a century of moroccan eating

I’m going to admit my bias right off the bat by saying King Hassan II is not someone I admire. His rule clearly shapes Morocco as it lasted from 1961 until 1999.  At the time of his father, King Mohamed V’s death (heart attack) there were many rumors that the Hassan had a hand in […]

1950′s Morocco: Independence

Sultan Mohammed V of Morocco

As World War Two ended many Moroccans hoped that foreign powers would leave Morocco to their independence however this was far from the reality of what was to happen next. Sultan Mohammed V had ruled Morocco as judiciously as possible during the war however once hostilities were over the French attempted to tighten control and […]

1940′s Morocco: World War Two

Moroccan King Mohamed 5

  If there was one decade I was looking forward to writing about it was this one. I’m sorry I missed it last week but I wanted to do it justice and just didn’t have the time.  The decade that Morocco entered the minds of most Americans was the 1940′s.  It’s surprising to be me […]

1930′s Morocco: Berber Nationalism

  Read more about the 1910′s {The Protectorate} and 1920′s {Great Depression}   I’ve always admired the history of the Berber people in North Africa.  They’ve survived on the cusp of society in rural areas and went head to head with major world powers like the French colonials and Arabs for centuries and have managed […]

1920′s Morocco: The Great Depression

  Although the Great Depression didn’t reverberate around the world until the very late 1920′s, this was not an easy decade in Morocco.  In the first six years of the decade the Rif Wars raged between Berber nationalists and Spanish imperialists. Known as the Second Moroccan War these battles raged from 1920-1926.  By 1924 the […]

1910′s Morocco: The Protectorate

Moroccan Soldiers

  If there is one European power who has made an indelible mark on Morocco it is France.  Beginning in the 15th century the Portuguese invaded and controlled the Atlantic coast but made no inroads to the country. As early as the 1830′s France expressed and began exercising interests in Morocco.  Throughout the 19th century […]