a century of moroccan eating
In real life I’m a huge history buff – I love it!  I have to say I think it was my love of history and current events that landed me in Morocco in the first place. Even MarocBaba tells me I know more about Moroccan history than he does. I’ve been brainstorming an idea for a new Friday series after finishing my favorite female food bloggers set and landed on a way to combine my love of food and history into one. So the new series is……

A Century of Moroccan Eating

Every week I’ll take one century, talk a little bit about what was going on in Morocco at that time, and include a recipe for something that embodies that period.  I hope to make the posts really fun and informative (and maybe just a little bit of nerdy-ness…) Every Friday a new century will be covered.  Here is the plan for each decade.
1910’s – Colonial Period – focus on France
1920’s – The Great Depression
1930’s – Berber Nationalism
1940’s – World War II influences
1950’s – Independence
1960’s – The New King – Hassan II
1970’s – Hippie Culture and Influence
1980’s – Shifting Tides in Moroccan society
1990’s – Tourism
This might change up a little bit but it’s the rough sketch that I’ve laid.  If you’ve got ideas, events or recipes you’d like me to explore leave a note in the comments.  If you have a blog and want to play along that would be fun too!  I’d love to know your take and/or inspiration for each decade.  If there is interest I’ll create a link-up next week so that I can check out your posts about each decade. I hope you’ll follow along and enjoy a century of Moroccan Eating.