Preserved Grapefruit


On our trip to Florida earlier this month I snagged up a big bag of citrus to take home.  It was a special stop on the way home that was met by a few grumbles from MarocBaba.  When we got home and I concocted preserved grapefruits he was aghast.  Apparently there is something sacrosanct about […]

The Ramadan Table..A Little Early {Harira}


Whew!! I have spent a better part of the weekend working on a little blog makeover.  So…what do you think?  (PS if you say you hate it I will ignore you…just kidding!)  I think my eyes are crossed but I am happy with how things look, although I’m sure to make tweeks as I go. […]

Breakfast Harira

Breakfast Harira

Six years ago, I boarded a plane and set off to spend my last spring break in Morocco.  A few months earlier I had met MarocBaba and decided that I needed to go back even if it was only for six days.  It wasn’t my first international trip but it was a little different.  We […]

Morocco Meets Sweden: Hasselback Potatoes


I read a lot, a LOT of blogs and I came across hasselback potatoes somewhere and filed the idea away into the back of my mind.  One night I remembered this idea and decided to give them a shot.  I loved them and think that they would make a really good side-dish for a party […]

Potato, Carrot and Rice Salad


This salad might win for the oddest “salad” in the books, although I’m willing to bet that a jello “salad” might be a tough contender in that category.  The first time this was served to me I know I gave it buggy eyes, like “who the heck would think potato, rice and carrot made a […]

Mimouna – A Moroccan Passover Celebration!


Like many countries Moroccan history is wrought with religious tension and discrimination.  As far back as 70 CE there was a Jewish presence in Morocco, long before Islam as a religion existed.  Indigenous Berbers who followed the tenets of Judaism would later adopt Islam.  After the creation of the Islamic state in Morocco, Jews were […]