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A Life from Scratch and Hot Algerian Lasagna

What was the last book you read that really left an impact? One of those books you picked up, read a few pages with every intention of setting it aside to move on to the next task, but, hours later found yourself immersed in the pages and wondering where time had gone? Those are the books I love. Every time I start something new I hope that it is one of those types of books. Often times I’m let down. But, the times I’m not, well those lead to wonderful reading experiences. I first learned about Sasha Martin a few…

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Moroccan Fish Recipe: Hout Quari

When people think of Moroccan food this fish sandwich is not something that comes to mind. It’s why we so enjoy stopping at a local shop that sells these grilled sardine sandwiches during our food tour. I readily admit I was hesitant. No way anyone would like this but MarocBaba was insistent. He loved this sandwich and swore it didn’t get any more authentic and local than this. I gave in and time and time again am surprised at the reaction the majority of people have. So many so that I’ve been asked countless times to share the recipe.

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10 Easy Moroccan Recipes for Busy Weeknights

Moroccan food is known for the complex blending of spices, slow-cooked home-cooked meals, and generous portions. But that doesn’t mean you have to have loads of extra time to make a delicious Moroccan meal. These 10 easy Moroccan recipes are a great addition to your weeknight round-up! Beef and Snap Pea Tagine with Sweet Onions and Apricot Mrouzia This dish is complex in flavor but is very easy to put together. Don’t be thrown off by the combination of fruit, vegetables, and meat. It’s very common in Morocco to mix these together. I serve this over barley but you can…

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Slow Cooker Moroccan Beef and Green Bean Tajine

It’s been a long time since I’ve shared a Moroccan meal recipe and I’m sure you’ll love this one. In Morocco we don’t use a slow cooker often, though lately I’ve been adamant that we need one. With lots of work taking both of us out of the house I miss being able to put dinner in and have it warm and ready when I get home. After 8-10 hours out of the house walking the last thing I want to do at 9pm is figure out something to make. I’ve had the idea to turn this recipe into a crockpot…

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Korean Barbecue Stir Fry with Barley

Yesterday was officially the first day of winter but winter is an elusive thing here in Morocco. There are so many things I forgot about that I had a little bit of “winter shock” when we were in Germany last weekend. In Marrakech we’re blessed to still have long days in winter. The sun doesn’t set until close to 6pm and rises around 7:15am. A far cry from the 9am sun rise and 3:30pm sunset in Berlin! The skies are usually clear and we have a variety of food in the markets, because it can grow year round. But, the…

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Sicilian Citrus Shark Filets for the Feast of the Seven Fishes

Have you heard of the Feast of the Seven Fishes? In Southern Italian and Italian American homes on Christmas Eve a meal of seven fish (and seafood) dishes is served. Roman Catholics used to (and some still do) on specific days of the week and holy days. Christmas Eve is one of those times where they abstained from meat, dairy, and butter. It’s not why the number seven emerged as the number of dishes to serve but there are many cases were 7 is used in the Catholic church. It appears over 700 times in the Bible, is the number of…

Moroccan Tagine Sandwiches

Moroccan Tagine Sandwiches with Onion Jam and Olives

At the beginning of every school year I have the best of intentions. I swear I’m going to make all homemade snacks for the kids to take to school. I’m going to stop working at 5pm and make a delicious dinner for the family. I’m going to have a hearty, healthy breakfast ready every morning. Yes, most of my resolutions revolve around food. Then by the time November rolls around I realize I’ve dropped the ball. If I get a really nice meal on the table 3 nights a week that’s a victory. If the kids are happy with carrot…

Bordetto in Marche

Making Brodetto in San Benedetto del Tronto

Grandpa Pope had a very “special” chicken soup he would make whenever my grandma left on a vacation. It was a recipe no one else wanted to share, no matter how he might try to pass it off. Everything went in the pot and he loved it. Grandpa had grown up with an immigrant father and mother and was born during the Great Depression. His dad had left Sicily as a teenager, like many immigrants, because there was no work. The enclave he found in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula was a world away from the warm winds of Sicily. Other immigrants from northern…