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5 Standing Moroccan Floor Lamps to Light up Your Rooms

Nothing is more dramatic than a beautiful Moroccan floor lamp in the corner of a room. Beautiful Moroccan metal lamps not only serve the purpose of lighting up the room but a decorative piece of art that can be enjoyed for years to come.

One of the best things about these lamps is that they are neutral in color so they can easily be incorporated into any color scheme you may have. Even if nothing else in your house Moroccan, the inclusion of one of these lamps won’t look out of place but will add a lot of character.

Are Moroccan floor lamps easy to install?

Yes, Moroccan floor lamps are relatively easy to install. Most Moroccan metal lamps require minimal setup and can be finished in just a few minutes. They usually include all the necessary mounting hardware and instructions so there’s no need to hire a professional for installation.

Depending on the lamp, you may need an electrician or other specialist if it requires hard-wiring into existing electrical wiring. In any case, with the help of basic DIY skills, installing your standing Moroccan floor lamp can be accomplished quickly and easily.

What type of bulbs are used in the lampshades?

Most lampshades designed for Moroccan floor lamps are compatible with regular E26 light bulbs. However, some types of bulbs such as LED or CFL can also be used depending on the style and design of the lamp.

To get the most out of your Moroccan floor lamp, we recommend using a dimmable bulb so that you can adjust the level of brightness according to your needs. Be sure to check with the product specifications before purchasing any type of bulbs.

Does the shape of a Morocco floor lamp affect its light output?

Yes, the shape of a Moroccan floor lamp can affect its light output. The size and shape of the shade determine how much light is dispersed throughout the room.

Larger shades tend to disperse more light than smaller ones, but there are also more intricately-patterned designs that create intricate shadows on walls for a softer lighting effect. Even choosing the right bulb type can make a difference in how much light is emitted from your standing Moroccan floor lamp.

A standing Moroccan floor lamp with a large shade will output the most light. Additionally, using a bright bulb in the lampshade, such as an LED or CFL bulb, can also increase the amount of light output from your Moroccan floor lamp.

Choosing the right combination of shade size and bulb type can help you achieve just the right level of lighting.

Choosing Your Moroccan Floor Lamp

Are you ready to shop? I have tried to find the most authentic floor lamps however not all of these are from Morocco.

I want to also point out that not all of the lamps I’ve chosen here are authentic lamps from Morocco. It’s common to see Moroccan and Turkish lamps lumped together in a single style. They are similar in style even if they’re not exactly authentic.

Moroccan hammered

Tall Narrow Standing Floor Lamp

This lamp has a decidedly North African feel, it reminds me a bit more of Egypt than Morocco however it is Moroccan. Handmade in Fez several different pieces of metalwork come together to create this piece.

Rounded Dome Moroccan Floor Lamp

Multi-domed Standing Moroccan Floor Lamp

This piece is a gorgeous example of Moroccan metal craftsmanship. This is a combination of domes that are handmade and joined together to create a large design. The metal is done in brass and comes wired for UK outlets, however contact the seller in advance if you’d like it wired differently.

Moroccan Hammered Lamp

Tall Standing Floor Lamp

Have a big space to fill? This lamp stands 1 meter tall and 40cm wide and features beautiful Moroccan craftsmanship. Made of solid brass it will last a lifetime – and longer!

Round Shade Moroccan Floor Lamp

Standing Round Floor Lamp

This lamp is a combination of styles with the base reminiscent of European style standing lamps while the shade is more Moroccan/Middle Eastern. This piece is made in Turkey and stands at 170cm tall. The lamp is wired for EU/UK plugs however you may be able to discuss with the seller to have it wired differently.

Turkish Moroccan Style Floor Lamp with Domes

7 Globe Floor Lamp

Wow! What a statement piece this makes! Seven glass globes spin around this lamp. They are available in a 5″ or 7″ globe sizes and the lamp itself stands 175cm high. The seller will adjust the wiring depending on your location. You can also choose different colors for the globes if you prefer something more colorful.

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