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16 Ideas for When You’re Clueless about What to do in Tangier with Kids

Exploring in and around Tangier with kids? We have the perfect list for your family to keep your children happy. The lovely city of Tangier has been rejuvenated in the past few years as a result of a focus on renovation and focusing on tourism through a new luxury port and marina.

Occupying the perfect position on the famed Strait of Gibraltar, Tangier is an ideal location for families as the wind-swept Atlantic Ocean lies to the east and the sparkling Mediterranean is situated to the west, which equals loads of fun in the sun! When you’re searching for things to do in Morocco, make sure you include Tangier.

Kasbah De Tanger

Let your kids bask in the history of pirates and pillaging at the fascinating Tangier Kasbah. Just peeking over the famed,culturally rich Tangier medina, this incredible fort with astonishing architecture dates back to the 13th century. Kids can have a run around and you can enjoy the spectacular scenes!

Musée De La Kasbah

This beautiful locale is the perfect place for families to re-group and relax. The site is a former palace, which beautifully shows the local history of Tangier and surrounding area. The gardens and peaceful, pristine architecture are a lovely respite from the hustle and bustle of the Tangier medina.

Unfortunately the displays are only in French and Arabic, so it’s useful to have a guide for your stop at the museum. Even better is the fact that this little gem is tranquil and quiet most any day of the week. One thing to note-the ‘helpful’ guides at the museum do expect to be paid,so be sure to know this before you talk to them. Located inDar El Makhsen, the museum has a 20 dirham entry fee per person, open 10 am to 6 pm daily.

Tangier Fish Market

A stroll through the Tangier fish market is a fascinating glimpse into the past for families and children. Many of the fisherman display their ware in old-school nets and the atmosphere in this bustling market is lively and colorful.

Perhaps, though, not for the faint of heart, one can see the fresh fish pulled in from both the Mediterranean and the Atlantic. One can really feel the scope of influence seafood has on the city of Tangier and the surrounding

Mnar Park

This park is guaranteed fun for the entire family. With an aqua park as well as an array of engaging outdoor activities such as go-carting, quad bikes, paintball, and more, the park also offers lovely rooms and suites that will please parents,too. Breathtaking view surround the locale. The water park(seasonal) has an array of fun slides and pools for kids during the day and evenings offer lovely sunsets and yummy food and desserts at the restaurant. There is also an inside mini play area for children as well as a mini fun fair outside.Plenty to keep everyone happy! Just 10-15 minutes fromTangier center, the park costs 100-150 dirhams for day visitors.

Sidi Kacem Beach

Idyllic destination with French bistros dotted along the coast and sand as far as the eye can see, Sidi Kacem is a lovely destination for just enjoying the sun and water (which can be cold, be warned!). Just 20 minutes from Tangier center, pop into L’Océan Restaurant with the family for a relaxed lunch and enjoy the lovely terrace with gorgeous views of the water.

This beautiful spot specializes in fresh seafood with a Moroccan-Mediterranean flair. Let the kids runaround on the grass while you take in the warm sun,pleasant breeze, and rugged terrain of the impressive rocky coastline. This beach tends to get busy during the summer months so your best bet for quiet family fun would be the spring or fall.

Plage Dalia

Described as a ‘lovely little nook off the beaten path’, this charming beach is about 45 minutes from Tangier and is the perfect off-season, quiet getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city. Catch a glimpse of Spain and Gibraltar on clear,sunny days and bask as well as both Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts. Grab a bite of grilled fish at one of the many simple, yet delicious café choices along the water.

Don’t miss seeing the fisherman catching their ware in picturesque,little wooden blue boats. The beach, albeit windy, is a lovely tranquil spot and even better, if you are into windsurfing or kite-surfing. If you are heading to Dalia Beach in the summer months, do try to get there earlier than later as the beach gets crowded with locals and tourists. The water is chilly but stunning! Even better, take a blanket and a picnic and truly enjoy the lovely beach.

Beaches in Tangier

There is a beach right in the city of Tangier, which is ideal if you don’t have transportation to take you to some of the places further afield. In summer the crowds can get quite big but turn up early and claim your spot on the beach.

Cave Of Hercules

Want to woo your kids with some cool history? Check out the Cave of Hercules 16 km west of Tangier on the AtlanticCoast where legend claims that Hercules punched his way from Africa to Europe creating a fascinating, massive underground ‘grotte’. The entrance of this large natural wonder is fascinatingly shaped like the map of the continent of Africa. Best to get a guide for a quick history tour. This unique spot was discovered in 4000 BC. A bit of a trek fromTangier, but certainly worth a day trip if you include the beach and Cap Spartel.

Cape Spartel

Lighthouse in Tangier Morocco

This captivating site, within spectacular view of the Straight of Gibraltar, is where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Mediterranean Sea in northern Morocco. It is also the westernmost spot in Africa as well as the home of a lovely lighthouse built by the French over 150 years ago. The rocky
coastline boasts huge stone formations as well as some beautiful beaches and is a perfect day-trip from Tangier for families; we also recommend that you see the nearby

Hercules Cave. Cap Spartel Café & Restaurant is also a good location for a mint tea or soda after exploring the area surrounding the lighthouse. If you are lucky and can attempt to speak some Darija or Arabic, you might be able to talk your way inside, which is typically not open to the public.
Don’t forget Anchakar Beach below where you can often hop on a camel for a memorable stroll down the sandy beach.

Crescendo Baby Music

This fabulous music and dance group is well-known for touring all over Morocco with its inclusively empowering,creative and happy theme. Led by the always-amazing Laila Lebbar and her enthusiastic team, the group regularly passes through Tangier with exciting, new classes and workshops for young children. Don’t miss out on the next chance to have your kids involved in this ‘food for the soul.’It’s even fun for adults! Crescendo actively runs flyers on social media, so be sure to follow them.

TGV Fast Train From Tangier

The recently inaugurated speed train is a definite kid-magnet. Pop on this new and shiny train from Tangier to Rabat or Casablanca for a fun-filled day trip with young ones. Children will particularly enjoy the 180 or so km distance between Kenitra and Rabat, where this innovative force speeds up to 320 km per hour! Relax with a coffee or a cold drink in the snack car and observe as your children take in all of the fun of this groundbreaking, state-of-the-art transportation system. More information on the ONCF website.

American Legation Tangier

The only US historic sight outside of the United States, the American Legation is a spot brimming with history that the kids will enjoy just as much as you. Fun fact about US-Moroccan relations-Morocco was the first country to officially recognize the United States of America in 1776.

The relationship between the two countries since then has continued solidly. The building, of Moorish architecture, was presented to the United States in 1821 and was even used as headquarters for US intelligent agents during the height of World War II. This fascinating structure is a must-see for history buffs and their families.

Terrace Des Paresseux

Take a peek at the city of Tangier from this interesting local above, nestled in the hills of Tangier. On clear days, this is your best view of Spain and across the Straight to Gibraltar.Historic cannons create a cool backdrop for your family photos and within strolling distance to the medina, it’s a lovely option to start or end your day in Tangier.

Tanja Marina Bay

This new, hip spot is a fun destination for families nestled in the heart of Tangier. Check out the rows of lavish boats along the wharf and the array of café and restaurant choices that the marina has to offer. At night, the pedestrian boulevard is lit with cool strobe lights on the ground, which is an entertaining plus for little ones.

Parc Perdicaris

This picturesque forest is a tranquil destination and it’s ideal for picnics or long walks and hikes with children. Also known as Parc Rmilat, the pristine spot covers 70 hectares of land overlooking the sea; lovely sunset views are a given.The park can get quite busy in the summer months, but in the off-season, it is peaceful and perfectly quiet. If you are able, your kids can even take their scooters for some whizzing around. Steep vistas, a bevy of fir trees and greenery, plus astounding views make this unique park the supreme stop-spot for familiesT

Tangier Quad

For families with older kids, escape for an afternoon from the city with the fabulously hospital and warm team at Tangier Quad. Get a bird’s eye view of Tangier from above the city and discover the lovely rolling hills and farmlands that sit majestically around the region, as well as the Atlantic Ocean to the west and the Mediterranean Sea to the north. Transportation to and from Tangier can be arranged by the company.

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Monday 17th of June 2019

We will be traveling to Tangier via ferry from Tarifa for 2 days, 1 night in early July with a 2 and 4 year old and I am 5.5 months pregnant. I assume that taxies do not have car seats so what is the best way to get around Tangier from the ferry port?

Also, any kid-friendly hotel recommendations? And how long is the high-speed train from Tangier to Casablanca?

Any advice on how to get around without a car safely with young children would be appreciated, thank you!

Thank you!

Amanda Mouttaki

Monday 17th of June 2019

The high speed train is about 2 hours to Casablanca.

Amanda Mouttaki

Monday 17th of June 2019

Hi - small taxis only carry 3 passengers so that won't be an option if there are more than 3 of your (unless you take more than 1). They do not have car seats and truthfully most people just don't use them. Most taxis may not even have working seat belts in the back seats. The only way to ensure you had a car seat would be to bring it. There are larger taxis for bigger groups at the port that you can use. Walking is your other option but depending on where you're going it might not be your ideal choice.


Monday 27th of May 2019

I doesn't heared about this place much but reading your blog show me the visual of the place thanks for the amazing writing.