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How to Make Moroccan Mint Tea with Tea Bags

If you’ve had the good fortune to sip a pot of Moroccan mint tea then you’ve likely discovered just how good it is. If you’ve got time then making your own pot of mint tea at home is easy but what if you’re traveling or you just want to pop open a tea bag and drift away to Morocco in your cup?

Yes, you can make Moroccan mint tea with tea bags!

I’ll be honest with you though, it won’t taste quite the same. There is something about using loose tea and fresh mint that really releases a special taste (and smell). Using a tea bag won’t 100% replicate that taste or flavor however they’re not that far off. As far as Moroccan drinks go, this is one of the easiest to make.

Three pictures that show a tea bag, a tea pot and glasses of mint tea

The Best Moroccan Mint Tea Bags

Of course, the most important part of bringing this tea to life is making sure you have a great bagged tea to begin with. There’s debate over who has the best Moroccan mint tea brand and a lot boils down to personal preference. So don’t be shy and try a few options first.

Mina Brand Teas (Nana and Atay)

This is seriously our very favorite bagged Moroccan mint tea option. It is the closest thing to a cup of Moroccan tea I’ve tasted in bagged variety. Mina has both an herbal and caffeinated option. If you can get this brand – give it a shot!

Stash Super Mint Herbal Tea

This is another herbal tea so if you’re looking for caffeine you’ll want to either pair this with another tea bag or check out their tea that is blended with green tea. What I like about this tea is that it has a very strong mint flavor. I love using a tea like this when I have a headache that needs some relief as the mint scent really makes a difference.

Numi Moroccan Mint

An organic mint tea option Numi was always a favorite option because we could find it in our local grocery store! These tea bags are for organic mint tea that is caffeine free.

Blue Background with a handled tea cup and tea satchet inside

DavidsTea Mint Tea Satchets

This tea blend includes green tea and mint as well as several other herbs and spices. It reminds me a lot of a version of mint tea that is made in winter months in Morocco with a mixture of wild herbs. If going for something a little beyond the normal mint tea is what you’re after – try this one!

How to Make Mint Tea with Tea Bags

If you make mint tea with tea bags and microwaved water it will be ok and really if that’s what you have time for then go for it! But for those days when you’ve got the time and desire to take things up a step here are some ways to amp up your mug.

Try using filtered water for a cleaner taste. If you don’t already have an electric tea kettle is your friend and it’s one of my favorite kitchen appliances. You can also use a stovetop tea kettle to heat your water.

All teas have a temperature that they flower better with and this is usually marked on the box. Between 170 and 185F is typically the ideal temperature for green tea. Herbal teas can come to a full boil at 212F. A water temperature thermometer is a great tool if your kettle doesn’t have this built-in.

Place the tea bag in the mug and slowly add the warm water to the top. Moroccan mint tea always has sugar in it but this is up to you. If you really want to replicate the taste then you should add sugar.

If you have some fresh mint, add it to your cup for an extra punch of flavor.

Looking for the original? Find out how to make traditional mint tea the Moroccan way in this post.

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