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birthday cake

Birthday Cake Puppy Chow

In this house there’s never been a batch of puppy chow that hasn’t been loved. No, this isn’t puppy food it’s a type of snack made with chex mix. The original version is melted chocolate and peanut butter coated in powdered sugar but there are plenty of other variations. Some of my first kitchen experiences (and successes) were in my grandma’s kitchen making these. She had a huge glass bowl that we would scoop in the peanut butter and chocolate chips and then microwave until it could all be mixed. Grandma always let my sister and I do all the…

Healthy PB and Chocolate Recipes

22 Healthy Peanut Butter and Chocolate Recipes

Ask a majority of American expats what food they miss from home and a good majority of the time the answer will be peanut butter. Somehow the rest of the world hasn’t caught on to how great peanut butter is. Like Nutella did, I have high hopes that someday the world will see peanut butter for how amazing it is. Speaking of Nutella, mixing peanut butter with chocolate? Well there are few things better than that combination.

Kaab Gazelle

Ka’ab Gazelle Recipe and Photo Tutorial

One day before we moved to Morocco I was sitting in the doctor’s office waiting for my appointment and decided to make a list in my phone of things that I wanted to do at some point while we were in Morocco. It was a way to pass time and I really didn’t think I would do many things I listed. In fact until a few weeks ago I forgot about the list completely.  I was cleaning up my notes app and came across this; My Living in Morocco Bucket List Stay at La Mamounia Hotel (ha this one probably…

Gluten Free Caramel Cashew Brownies

Gluten Free Caramel Cashew Brownies

One of the steps we had to take to complete my registration for a national ID card was a trip to Rabat for a background check. The appointment itself was less than thrilling but we also were able to meet up with my friend Allison and her family.  Allison and I have known each other online for many years, when we were going through the immigration process of bringing our spouses to the US. Then within a few weeks of each other we announced our plans to relocate back to Morocco! She and I had never met in real life…

Christmas Gram Quote

Elf-Inspired Christmas “Grams”#SundaySupper

I am so excited about this recipe! This weeks’ theme for #SundaySupper is Holiday Music and Movie Inspired Dishes.  I thought, and thought, and thought some more about what I could make. I knew which movie I was going to use, because it’s a family favorite. But what to make… There was of course the obvious answers – food directly out of the movie -but I wasn’t feeling inspired. Then when re-watching the movie it came to me….Christmas “grams”.  You remember this scene;     So this brings us to Christmas Grahams!!! Homemade graham cracker/cookies.  I thought Buddy would totally…


Slow Cooker Caramel and Salted Ginger Cheesecake

MarocBaba looooves caramel. It’s his favorite sweet topping.  Honestly, I know very few people who dislike it! I’ve shied away from making my own because it scares me. A year ago I attempted to make it from sugar and well let’s just say what I ended up with was a hard, sugary mess. So I gave up. Then my mom told me she saw a way to make caramel on Pinterest (of course!) and we should try it. So, last week she and I decided we would do holiday baking early as I won’t be here this holiday season. At…

Dessert Buffet

Easy Holiday Entertaining Dessert Bar

After spending 3 weeks in the US, it’s safe to say I’ve gotten my fill of “holiday stuff.” Everywhere I went there was Thanksgiving decorations/food/music at every turn and then plastered in front of it all was the looming Christmas panic. I seriously wondered why every year this happens earlier and earlier.  I came at the end of October and there was Christmas decorations out before Halloween! My favorite holiday has always been Thanksgiving. It’s a holiday that has really nice memories for me and I do love preparing all of the dishes for a traditional meal. Whether you’re entertaining…

Specialty Birthday Cakes

29 Birthday Cakes for My 29th Birthday

Some years I’m counting down the days until my birthday, it can’t come soon enough. Other years the day creeps up from behind me and then it’s here. My mom always made a big deal out of our birthdays.  She had a different theme every year, making food and snacks that matched. We got plenty of gifts and always had two parties; one for our friends and one for our family. Having these memories has really been a very treasured part of my childhood and always made me feel special and loved. This year, I’m away from my husband and…