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7 Kids Face Mask Suggestions for Your Next Travel Adventure

Whether you have a cross country, international or even trip to the grocery store in your future finding a kid size mask can be a challenge. I put together a variety of suggestions here to help you narrow down some of the options.

Please keep in mind I am not a medical professional – I am a mom, just like you. It’s always best to consult with your doctor or other support professionals when choosing medical devices like masks. My hope is this list can help you with some ideas to consider when making the purchase for your child.

If you will be flying it’s also advisable to see what the protocol is for the airline you will be using. Some have specific personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements for flyers and that advice can change based on the age of the child.

3 Ply Disposable Masks

Best for ages: 3-12 years old


3 layer design

These masks come in a back of 7 and are meant to be worn once and thrown away. They come with designs like cars, dinosaurs, and panda bears. The unisex designs make them versatile. If you’re looking for an option that you can use and discard after travel this is a good option to consider.

Reuseable Cotton Cloth Masks with Filters

Best for: Kids of all ages – as they have an adjustable strap


Includes a filter insertion

If you’re looking for a reuseable option, this mask comes with slide in filters that can be removed after each wear. It also has adjustable ear straps so you can adjust the size based on the size of the child – a really great feature. No more guessing what will work or needing to sew ear bands to make them smaller.

Multi- Colored Reuseable Cotton Masks

Best for: slightly older kids as the size is a little larger


These masks come in several solid colors and are sold as a two pack. Some who have purchased them have shared that they work really well for kids who also wear glasses. They are a cotton mask but also have an adjustable nose piece so that they can be formed to fit the face better.

Valved Respirator Style Mask

Best for: Younger children as the masks tend to be smaller sized.


Includes 2 filter inserts

These masks are a good option for smaller children. It has adjustable straps as well as an adjustable nose bridge so you can adapt it for the child specifically. When the filter insert is removed it can be washed and dried to reuse.

6 Pack Reuseable Masks with Valve and Filter

Best for: 5-10 year olds


Includes 6 masks and 12 filters

If you have multiple children or need several masks to change out this is a good option. Do be aware the mask material is polyester, not cotton. They have an adjustable ear strap so that they can be fitted to the child’s face.

Cotton Reuseable Washable Masks for Kids

Best for: Kids 2-11 years old


This is a pack of three masks with no filter. They get mixed reviews from those that have purchased. It does not have adjustable straps however you could easily use a mask hook that goes around the back of the head to tighten it and take pressure off the ears if this is an issue.

Facial Mask with Clear Window

Best for: Children 5+


No filter but has a clear mouth screen

While there isn’t a great option that includes full filtration options, if you’re looking for a mask that has a clear screen this is an option. You may face issues with the screen fogging up some but it does appear to be a mixed bag; some say yes it does while others have no problems.

Mask Accessories

Mask Hooks

Wearing a mask around your ears for a long period of time is hard for anyone but especially kids. With these the strain is taken off the ears and makes it a bit more comfortable to wear a mask. The more comfortable it is, the more likely kids are to wear them.

Face Mask Lanyard

What are the chances your kids will remove their mask and lose it? If they’re like mine the chances are good. With these lanyards they can keep the masks around their neck when they are not on their faces. The hooks clip to the ear band portion of the mask so it’s possible to use this with any style of face mask.

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