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Bombay Potatoes and Yogurt Chicken

Tikka Simmer Sauce Potatoes

  In the small town I live in there is one Indian restaurant and it’s on the verge of going out of business. It’s not the best, and certainly not the most authentic but they have a decent lunch buffet that includes as much naan as you can eat and I can’t pass that up. […]

Bring on the Vegetables!

veggie dinner 2

A revelation I had during this trip to Morocco was that our diet has clearly changed.  While we were once eating meat at every meal we have really relaxed a lot on the quantity and types of meat eaten.  If we do eat meat it’s most likely chicken or turkey.  You might find red meat […]

Freezing Corn

cleaning corn

  This post is a little late in coming and might be too late for some of my fellow northerners but certainly there still is fresh sweet corn in other parts of the country.  Last year I started freezing more produce because we bought a large chest freezer.  It was a great buy and has […]

Morocco Meets Sweden: Hasselback Potatoes


I read a lot, a LOT of blogs and I came across hasselback potatoes somewhere and filed the idea away into the back of my mind.  One night I remembered this idea and decided to give them a shot.  I loved them and think that they would make a really good side-dish for a party […]

Veal Cutlets with Barley Pilaf


Veal is one meat that I have avoided for a long time, because of how it is raised.  Growing up in a rural community I learned in my late teens how veal came to be and found the practice repulsing.  Some facts about veal that many people might not know; Veal calves are taken from […]

French Fridays: Spiced Butter Glazed Carrots

I missed posting a recipe last week because I’ve been down and out with pnuemonia for the last two weeks.  I most likely won’t make the leek and potato soup that’s on tap this month in my weeks absence.  Today was the first day I have been feeling much like being up and around in […]