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15 Recipe Ideas for Day Old Bread
In  Morocco it’s almost unheard of to throw away bread. Even though it is consumed at least three times a day and there inevitably is bread leftover, it is saved, reused if possible and if not, put into the garbage in a separate bag.  It’s then often fed to... Read more
15 Minute Doughnuts
Unexpected company show up for breakfast or brunch? In 15 minutes you can have a hot plate of doughnuts on the table! Pair with cold glasses of milk and fresh fruit for a perfect – albeit last minute – meal! I regularly make many things from scratch, however time... Read more
Homemade Almond Cardamom Granola #TheLeftoversClub
It’s time for the #TheLeftoversClub! This fun food blogger swap was created by Jen of Savory Simple. Each month participating bloggers are paired up and swap their leftovers! My partner this month was Martine of Whey Beyond the Naked Truth. She’s expecting a baby any day now so please... Read more
Mommy Protein Balls
  I can’t believe how fast April is flying by!  We’ve been busy and I have to say I haven’t been cooking a lot.  It’s been easy things that I can pull together fast or relying on meals I’ve prepped and stored in the freezer. Speaking of which, I’ll... Read more
Farro, It’s What’s for Breakfast
I’ve got to be honest I had never tasted farro before finding out about a cooking challenge from Tuscan Fields and Eat Write Retreat.  I knew it was a grain and it reminded me of barley but that’s about it.  A quick google search told me that it’s really... Read more
Chocolate Chip Banana Mini Muffins
Every time we go to the store my youngest sons asks me if we can buy these. And, every time I say no. There’s something about the little packages that make a 6 year old perk up his ears and want to dig in.  But the zillion ingredients that... Read more
Mixed Asparagus and Manchego Quiche
Confession…. I hate breakfast. I always have. I might enjoy an egg and toast from time to time but I’m not one to wake up and tuck into a big “breakfast-y” meal.  I have tried really hard to like “breakfast foods,” foods but they just don’t appeal to me.... Read more
#SeriousSandwich Bread – Emeril’s Brioche Loaf and Stuffed French Toast
Most of my bread baking has been confined to the gluten-free variety lately. I knew that I wanted to tackle this brioche recipe in Kicked Up Sandwiches almost as soon as I saw it.  Brioche can be somewhat intimidating.  There’s a a lot of butter and a lot of... Read more