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Volunteer in Morocco

I often receive requests from readers who are visiting Morocco and are interested in volunteering or patronizing local non-profits and charities, or people that would like to donate to such causes. To make this easier, I’ve created this page to share information I have about different organizations throughout the country that are doing this type of work. If you are visiting or are interested in any of these, please contact them directly. I do not have personal contact with all of these, I simply wanted to offer one place where all the information could be found.


Cordoba Academy: for training education and development is an accredited educational institution aims to provide students of all ages with the knowledge, skills and experience to equip them for life. We work in partnership with schools and organizations locally, nationally and internationally to ensure our courses are matched to today’s standards and the needs of tomorrow. They have different programs in Morocco  like Volunteering, Internship, Study abroad, High School Exchange, Language learning, Cultural exchange and much more. Visit their website or contact Siham Essahiri directly at; [email protected]


Project SoarWe are an association built around the idea of uplifting villages through art, design and movement. We work very closely with the young girls in our village, Douar Ladaam, fostering their creatively through weekly sessions and are always looking for new members for the Project SOAR Nation! Get involved with Project Soar by visiting their webpage. 

Amal Center: The Amal Center is a restaurant and training center for disadvantaged women. Donations are always welcome and there are opportunities to volunteer to share your skills and expertise in a way that further strengthens the aims of the organization. Get in touch and find out more via their website.

Henna Cafe: This restaurant/community center not only serves great meals but offers opportunities for visitors and locals to share their skills. 100% of the cafes profits go back into the community. If you’re visiting Marrakech there are plenty of opportunities to volunteer. Visit their volunteer page for more information and how to get in touch.

Onion Place: New created non profit art organization in Marrakech is fighting digital illiteracy in Moroccan public schools by creating workshops on the electronic arts. They also need interns to help with projects, managing, cleaning the place etc. The website is still under construction, but you can find more information on their website, Onion Place. They can be contacted directly at; [email protected]


Project 91: Our aim is to: Help families support their children through education and into employment, encourage and and sponsor apprenticeships and other vocational schemes for young men and women, provide micro-loans to people in need, protect and enhance the local environment, encourage responsible tourism. Visit the Project 91 website for more information on how you can get involved. 



Les Sanctuaire de la Faunede Tanger: Our aim is to neuter and vaccinate as many strays as possible and to educate people . The sanctuary is my home . I have 80 animals at home, I also look after many strays and help poor families that cannot afford to treat their animals.  To find out more, please visit the webpage


Rif Mountains

Atlas Mountains

The High Atlas Foundation: The HAF works to establish development projects in different parts of Morocco that local communities design and manage, and that are in partnership with government and non-government agencies. HAF uses a participatory development approach that includes beneficiaries as active partners in every step of the development process – from prioritizing development goals to project implementation and management to monitoring and evaluation. Depending on your skill level and availability there are a variety of opportunities. Find out more by visiting their opportunities page for more information on the type of volunteer work and internships available.

Information on Responsible Volun-tourism

Morocco is my home and while it’s wonderful so many people want to come and visit and give back to the community (which without a doubt does need help), it’s vital that this is done in a safe way that helps instead of having counter-intuitive effects. Here are some resources to consider before volunteer on your next vacation in Morocco (or anywhere).

Think Child Safe 


If you are a Moroccan non-profit looking for volunteers short or long-term please
send me an email, with Volunteer Morocco in the subject line, and I will add your information to this list.

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Thursday 5th of October 2023

Hello, i am a physiotherapist looking to volunteer in morocco but i am struggling to find non-profit organisations that could give me more information on who to contact. Would you be able to help with this please?

Amanda Mouttaki

Wednesday 18th of October 2023

Try reaching out to https://maroc-assist.com/ they are gathering info and connecting volunteers with places needing skills.

rudy shaffer

Saturday 21st of October 2017

Hello, I'm planning a trip to Morocco and I understand they have a problem with safe drinking water in desert areas etc....I distribute water filters all over the world and want to bring some with me to give to people who are dealing with contaminated drinking water....do you have any info regarding this....thank you Rudy Shaffer [email protected]

Amanda Mouttaki

Sunday 22nd of October 2017

I don't specifically but you may want to get in touch with organizations like the High Atlas Foundation who are on the ground working. My big question would be, what systems are in place when the filter needs to be replaced? Many people in very rural areas won't have access to get more nor the money to buy replacements.


Tuesday 21st of October 2014

I have an early childhood background and was interested in volunteering at an infants orphanage on my trip to Morocco in a few weeks, I'm finding it difficult to find information. Most organizations who organize the travel ext want large somes of money. I have already organized my travel and would love to help out with out being a hindrance to the carers. I believe all children have the right to feel special and loved and would love to have a day or two where I can bring some supplies and sing some songs play games ext. Do you have any advice?

Amanda Mouttaki

Wednesday 22nd of October 2014

There are a few non profits you can look at. Consider contacting Maryam of Project Soar in Marrakech - they may be interested in someone. However it wouldn't be infants. It's very difficult to work in orphanages because it does take work away from local people who get paid to work there. A really tricky situation. Not to mention it can be hard on the kids as they start to form a bond with someone who then leaves making things difficult for them.