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10 Great Ramadan Books for Kids

Ramadan is a month-long spiritual event and one of the most important events to Muslims all over the world.

It’s held every year on the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and is celebrated by fasting, worshiping, and, most importantly, self-reflection and contemplation. Ramadan helps bring Islamic worshippers closer to their faith and their loved ones.

Whether you follow the Islamic faith or you’re looking to inspire your child about other cultures, teaching your child about Ramadan is something we should all take time out to do.

If you’re looking for ways to explain Ramadan to your children, reading books about Ramadan for kids can be a great way to teach them about what it is and why it is celebrated in this way.

Not only that, but it can also open up inspiring conversations about faith and traditions, and lead to deeper conversations about cultures around the world.

The Best Ramadan Books For Kids

Whether you’re looking to educate your child about Ramadan or you just want an enjoyable book to share with your little one during this period, these children’s books about Ramadan will sure to be an enriching read.

1.   Learning Roots Ramadan Activity Book by Zaheer Khatri and Soulayman Segor

If you’re looking for Ramadan books for toddlers and small children, then an activity book is a great way to teach them about the Holy month in an engaging way.

The Learning Roots Ramadan Activity Book is a great way to teach your child about the reasons behind Ramadan and to help them develop an appreciation for the Holy month.

The book is filled with enriching and fun activities that teach them about key topics of Ramadan in a way that children can understand.

It helps them develop an empathetic approach to Ramadan by using practical and contextual references so they can personally see how Ramadan affects their own lives, environment and world around them.

It also has exercises to help them develop core skills, such as reading, writing and coloring.

This book is suitable for ages 5+, or younger with parental guidance.

2.   Layla and Zayd Learn About Ramadan: A Children’s Book Introducing Ramadan (Islam for Kids Series) by The Sincere Seeker Collection


If you’re looking for a heartwarming storybook about Ramadan for kids, then your child will love reading Layla & Zayd Learn About Ramadan. The story is about a brother and sister as they take part in their first Ramadan.

It has been written in a way that allows children to learn about Ramadan through context and put themselves in the shoes of the characters.

This year, it’s Layla and Zayd’s first Ramadan, and as they go through their first month of fasting, they learn about what Ramadan means and why it’s important.

This book not only teaches the reasoning behind Ramadan but also gets kids excited about it, and encourages them to look forward to Ramadan.

This book is suitable for children of any age, and is the perfect story book to read to your child before Holy month starts.

3.   Magid Fasts for Ramadan by Mary Matthews

If your child is starting to read chapter books, then they may enjoy Magid Fasts for Ramadan, which is the perfect first chapter book for second grade kids and up.

This story follows a young boy who wants to start his first Ramadan, but his parents say he is too young.

Wanting to take part, he decides to fast in secret, but it’s not as easy as he thought.

This is a beautiful coming-of-age story about Ramadan and shows that even when your child wants to be mature, they should still seek help from their friends and family when they need it.

This book is suitable for ages 7-10.

4.   My 30 Days of Ramadan by Solmaz Parveen

For those looking for a Ramadan book for your child to read during the month of Ramadan, then the 30 Days of Ramadan activity book is a great resource.

Each day, your child can complete an activity designed to reinforce the basic concepts of Islam, and get them practicing self-reflection from a young age.

From coloring pages to word searches and crosswords, children can learn about the importance of Ramadan and find their own connection to the Holy Month on their own.

And to sweeten the deal, 100% of net profits from this book goes towards organizations that work toward improving living conditions and education for children.

This book is suitable for children of all ages, but ages 4-6 will find it particularly enjoyable.

5.   Lailah’s Lunchbox: A Ramadan Story by Reem Faruqi

Lailah’s Lunchbox is an award-winning picture book about Ramadan for children which would be the perfect educational resource to share with kids in the classroom.

The story follows Lailah who is starting a new school in a new country. She’s excited to start Ramadan and to participate in her first fast, but is anxious about how her friends will react to her not eating with them at lunchtime.

Lailah, along with the school librarian and her teacher, come together to teach her friends about her beliefs.

It’s a heartwarming and gentle story about acceptance and understanding. If you’re a teacher or parent wanting to teach children about Ramadan, but are not of Islamic faith, this is a great storybook to use as an educational resource.

6.   Ramadan by Celebrate the World Books

The Celebrate the Worlds book on Ramadan is a colorful and engaging board book designed to help toddlers and young children learn about Ramadan.

If this is your child’s first experience of Ramadan, then it’s a great introductory book that highlights the different celebrations and traditions shared by Muslims across the globe.

The story is simple, allowing for children to understand with clarity, paired with stunning illustrations from Rashin Kheiriyeh, it will keep your little ones engaged from start to finish.

It helps children learn that Ramadan is not just about fasting, but a time to reflect, be thankful and understand others.

This book is suitable for ages 2-6.

7.   Rashad’s Ramadan and Eid-al Fitr by Lisa Bullard

Another great book about Ramadan for kids who are about to take part in their first Ramadan is Rashad’s Ramadan and Eid-al Fatr by Lisa Bullard.

The story follows a young boy, Rashad who tries to be good throughout the holy month, before reaching Eid al-Fitr where he shares in a feast and enjoyment with his family.

It’s a simple and heartwarming story about what people do during the days of the Holy Month, and since it’s narrated by a child, children can feel more empathetic towards it.

This book is suitable for ages 5-8.

8.   It’s Ramadan, Curious George by H.A. Rey and Hena Khan

Everyone loves Curious George, so why not let this cheeky and mischievous monkey help your child learn about Ramadan in a unique and endearing way?

George is celebrating his first day of Ramadan with his friend Kareem. George and Kareem share their first fast and he even joins Kareem with his family for their evening celebration.

George also helps Kareem make gift baskets to donate to the poor and marks the end of the Holy Month with Eid festivities.

This is an interactive board book with tabs and pulleys, so your child can interact with the story. It’s the perfect first book about Ramadan for young kids and toddlers.

This book is suitable for ages 2-6.

9.   Ramadan Moon by Na’ima B. Robert

For a lyrical book about Ramadan for kids, Ramadan Moon is a popular favorite. The story follows a young child as they celebrate the Holy Month, from the waxing of the moon to the second new moon.

What better way to share the blessing of Ramadan than by reading a poetic book written and illustrated by Muslims.

Though it was written by Muslim authors, it would also be a great educational book for non-Muslims looking to gain a deeper understanding of the faith with their children.

This book is suitable for ages 4-7.

10. Under the Ramadan Moon by Sylvia Whitman

Another lovely lyrical story about Ramadan is Under the Ramadan Moon, which serves as an educational introduction to Ramadan in a special way.

Combined with the stunning illustrations, this is a great resource for children to learn that Ramadan is not just about fasting but about helping others and taking time out to reflect.

This book is suitable for ages 1-5.

Final Word on Books About Ramadan for Children

Reading about Ramadan with your kids is a rewarding experience for both parent and child.

As a parent, you have the privilege of teaching your children why they or others may be fasting, or not fasting, during Ramadan and what it symbolizes to them, helping them gain greater insight into Islamic beliefs and what it means to have different faiths.

By engaging your children in conversations about Ramadan, you are setting an example for how we should approach those with different religions in our everyday lives: through love and understanding.

Hopefully, this list of books about Ramadan for kids has helped you find a book that they find exciting and enriching.

This is a guest post written by Louisa Smith, a primary school teacher from the United Kingdom. Louisa has been teaching English to children around the world for over three years and has an in depth-knowledge on educational books for kids and resources to help them learn and grow. She shares regular recommendations for books on her book blog, Epic Book Society.

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