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Living in Marrakech Resource Guide

I wanted to create a page where I could create a list of resources for things that people who live in Marrakech need. I’m specifically targeting this list to those who speak English with limited French and/or Darija. Many of these will be my own personal suggestions however I am also including information suggested by other long-term residents.

I will aim to keep this as updated as possible but please double check phone numbers/addresses. This list is really for people who live in or spend a lot of time in Marrakech. Many of these suggestions may apply to tourists but may not be the best options. I assume no responsibility for any of the service you may receive I’m simply sharing so that you have some starting point.

NOTE: I am sharing as much as I know on this page. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not email me or message me to ask for more specific information. If I have the info it will be on the page. If you don’t find it here, I don’t know the answer.

Hospitals/Medical Care

When making an appointment and seeking care you should be aware that the medical system here is probably different from where you’re from. Appointments are either morning or afternoon first come, first seen or based on urgency. If the doctor does set a time for an appointment you likely will need to wait. Be prepared to wait, sometimes hours to be seen.

Very few doctors will see you exactly at your appointment time. Many practice in their office as well as being connected to cliniques so they are not always available for the appointment at the scheduled time. Yes, this can be frustrating. However if you know this going in, it may be slightly less irritating. I always block several hours for appointments.


General Care

Dr. Clare Minejam – Clare is available for consults at Marrakech Clinque during the week and during daytime hours splits time between the clinique and her cabinet. Originally from the UK she is certified to practice in Morocco. Dr. Clare is an amazing lifeline for English speakers between the care systems as well as having no language barrier for care. Send a message via WhatsApp to +06 50 45 84 44 for consultation appointment at her office.


Dr. Naima Al Bichr – 0524-44-6734 Good with both adults and children. She also does basic oral surgery in office.

Hafsa Moqadem – 05244-37470


Dr. Abdeljalil Laraki – 0524-43-2500 / 2501 Excellent doctor for both children and adult orthodontics. Slightly more expensive than others but keeps firm appointment times, online booking available and payment plans. Basic English.


Dr. Zakaria Mansouri – 05244-20035 One of the best OBGYN’s I’ve experienced ever. Saw for pregnancy and delivery. Fantastic doctor and very progressive. Also speaks Spanish and French.

Midwife (Sage Femme) Charlotte Sailliot Khalil – 0679683889 Offers midwife services, prenatal yoga and other options for expecting and new moms. Head of midwives at Marrakech Clinique.

Dr. Sawsan El Hasnaoui – 05244-32324

Dr. Claire Azzouzi – 0524 434446

Dr Bardach – 0524 421213

Read my full post on pregnancy and childbirth in Morocco if you’re interested in knowing more.


Dr. Ghadi – Massira  0524490109 Very busy practice but good doctor who is thorough and good with kids.

Dr. Guessous – Gueliz 05244-35375 Practices also from Clinique Marrakech as newborn pediatrician. Generally good, forward thinking. Speaks some English.

Dr. Naima Khaldoun – Gueliz 0524-44-7072 Many people really like Dr. Khaldoun’s manner with children and she has been practicing for quite some time.


Dr. Eric Hajjar – 0524-42-2127 Accupuncture and chiropractor. Many people really like him. Speaks English and French.

Dr. Arnaud Etienne – 05244-57992 This is who I see and also I saw throughout my pregnancy. Fantastic chiropractor that can sometimes have a wait to be seen. Speaks English and French.


Dr. Fadel Abouhafs  0524-43-7233 Have seen for both issues relating to celiac disease and other general issues. Good doctor, English a little limited but understandable.

Emergency Services


I have listed four hospitals below that I have had personal experience with. They do get mixed reviews based on different people. Having been to all of these, I wouldn’t hesitate to use any of them if needed.

An important distinction is that in Morocco there are public and private hospitals. Private hospitals are called cliniques. Many are much smaller than what you may be used to. They also are all for a fee, and while they do often accept insurance in most cases you’re required to pay up front with insurance reimbursement later.

Public hospitals are largely to be avoided. They are often very over crowded and lacking in resources.

If you want more information on hospital care in Morocco you may want to read my post on this.

Marrakech Clinique – Targa 0524396500 Hospital with walk-in consultations available. Maternity services and general surgery. This is my preferred hospital in Marrakech.

Marrakech International Hospital – Menara 0524369595 Hospital with emergency services and full general surgery practice. Sometimes gets mixed reviews.

Clinique L’Aeroport – M’hamid 0524368600 Small hospital with surgery and emergency services. Can be very busy however staff and care good. Have used for both emergency services and minor surgery.

Hospital Ibn Tofail – Gueliz 0524438718 Medium sized hospital with surgery and emergency services. Slightly more basic than other options. Have used for minor surgery.

Other Emergency Services

DABADOC – This is a website to find local doctors that are available to see you right away. It also shows which doctors can do virtual consultations.

Road Accidents – The number for civil protection services is 15 however most often they will not speak English. If you are in a road accident this is the number you should call.

Police – If you should need to get in touch with the police the number to dial is 19. It is likely the person answering may not speak English. You may want to have someone to call that can speak French or Arabic. Police also do not show up as quickly as you may expect in other countries so be prepared. All police have local precincts in every neighborhood. It’s advisable to find out where the closest one is to you and go in person when needed.

Fire Department – If you need the fire department the number to dial is 15. The same advice as with police applies here.

Ambulances – There are a lot of ambulance services that technically are dispatched from civil protection however if you have an emergency at home where an ambulance is needed you should connect with the clinique you want to use to get the information for their preferred ambulance services.


There are pharmacies EVERYWHERE in Marrakech and most neighborhood pharmacies will have what you need. You can get a lot of things just from walking in and asking however you may need a prescription – they will let you know.

Somethings that you get at a pharmacy that you may not realize include; OTC meds like paracetamol/ibuprofen, feminine hygiene products, baby formula, and allergy medications.

Pharmacies all have open and close hours HOWEVER every pharmacy will list on its door (if closed) what pharmacy in the neighborhood is open after hours and on the weekends. There’s almost always at least one in each quarter.

CENTRALE 0524-43-01-58  Large, central pharmacy. They carry some things you can’t get in other pharmacies. You may be directed here for specific things.

L’UNITE   0524-44-85-54 This is a pharmacy that carries a lot of homeopathic items. It’s near the Marche Centrale in Gueliz.


Clinique Yasmine  0524-45-8696 / 97 

Association Cœur Propre – Transportation service for pets to vets and in events of emergencies. Some English spoken. 0615-156929

Dr. Adil Clinique Veterinaire Targa 0524-39-2195 and 0661-40 1254 Emergency Number

Animal Sanctuaries and Refuges

The situation for stray animals in Morocco can be precarious at best. There are quite a few stray animals that survive in the streets and not enough resources to rescue them all. This can be overwhelming to people new to Morocco and settling in. Many people do feed stray animals but take care as they also can (and often do) have fleas, rabies, and other issues.

Jarjeer Mules – Rescue center for abandoned donkeys and mules. They help as much as they can and rely on private funding to save the animals.

SPANA – This is an animal shelter and care organization that provides care and sterilizations as well as adoption services to stray animals. They also provide welfare care and check on horses, mules and donkeys in the city. If you’re considering adopting a pet in Morocco consider rescuing one first!

Legalizing Documents – Just about every official paper in Morocco needs to be legalized. To do this you go to a moqatam. Every neighborhood has one and you need to go to the one that is near where you live (in most cases). You will need to ask where the closest one to you is.



Ourika Organic Kitchen – 0613 691461 (Amanda) Cooking classes, overnight stays and organic produce and products that can be ordered and delivered to Marrakech weekly.

Jnane Tamsna and Ethnobotanica – 0661 737794 (Gary) – Organic produce boxes and other products. Weekly deliveries in much of Marrakech. WhatsApp Gary for specifics or to order.

Green Village – A wide range of specialty goods that include bio and gluten-free products. Stock is constantly changing. Also have fresh produce and dairy items.

AYASO – Vegetarian and organic shop with cafe/restaurant attached. Range of products that are food and body related.

Archibest Food – This is a restaurant supply store so you can find larger quantities sold but they also regularly have items you don’t normally find in other stores like black beans for example. Note the stock is rotated so you may not always be able to find all things.

Le Maitre Fromager Meignat – Victor Hugo – French style cheese shop with a large variety of imported cheeses from Europe. They also have additional products but if you love cheese this is the place to go.

Major Grocery Stores: If you’re new to Morocco the 3 main grocery stores are; Marjane, Carrefour, and Aswak Assalam. There are large stores as well as smaller stores throughout the city. Most all carry the normal items you’d expect. Larger stores also carry home goods and more (a bit like Wal-Mart).

Food Delivery

Bloom Morocco 0650 363526 Specialty roast coffee from the bean in Marrakech. They offer delivery as well as have a cafe you can visit. It’s good!

L’Mida – Fusion Moroccan food. Offers delivery in Marrakech for a small fee.

The Good Bun – Our favorite burger restaurant in Marrakech – VERY good. Pickup and delivery options – we suggest doing carry out if you can.

Le Kilim – Delivery option in Marrakech with full online ordering and payment.

Le Jardin – Medina restaurant with menu available for delivery and pickup. Restaurant open for drinks and takeaway.

Cafe des Epices – Menu available for delivery. Restaurant open for drinks and takeaway. Primarily Moroccan menu with sandwiches and starters.

plus61 – Australian restaurant serving a variety of international dishes made with locally sourced items. Menu that rotates weekly.

Le Petit Nepolitain – My favorite pizza place in Marrakech with wood-fired pizzas that are great. They also have starters. Full menu is available for takeaway.

Pokawai’i – Really good bowls with breakfast and lunch/dinner options. My kids LOVE this place and we’re big fans too. Also a good option if you’re gluten free as several menu items will be available for you.


There are no shortage of bakeries in Marrakech – if anything you’ll have too many choices! Every neighborhood has small bakeries that prepare Moroccan breads and pastries. You’ll likely need to try a few around you to find what you like. If you’re looking for a broader selection, here are a few that are well known in the city;

Les Maitres du Pain – Locations in Victor Hugo and also Al Mazar shopping center. Fantastic French pastries and bread.

Le Pain Quotidien – Locations in Gueliz, Allal al Fassi, and Bab Taghazout. Only the Gueliz location has sit down options for eating in while the other two are takeaway only. Wide selection of Moroccan and international items. They also have some gluten free selections.

La Maison Amoud – Route Abdelkarim Alkhatabi near Route Asfi – wide variety of different pastries and breads.

Patisserie Amandine – Takeaway and limited sit down service. Pastries and cakes available both Moroccan and French. Good quality and beautiful presentation.

Home Needs and Home Goods


There are several different bank branches in Morocco that you can consider. Two of the most popular are Attijariwafa and BMCE. Here are a few things you should consider as you set up a banking account;

  • do you want/need mobile banking?
  • do you want to set up a PayPal account linked to your Moroccan account?
  • do you need a convertible account?
  • do the agents in the office speak English?
  • how far away is the office?

One thing that I’ve found a bit strange here is that if you have an account with a large bank like BMCE for example you need to handle most of your banking business at your branch. You can’t just walk into any BMCE and do what you need to do. Keep this in mind when you decide where specifically to open your account.

Transferring money between Morocco and your home country

Morocco has a closed currency system. As a foreign citizen you can open a convertible account that lets you send and receive in foreign currency and remove foreign currency (though often with a fee). I use Wise to send money from my US account to my Moroccan bank account when needed. It’s the cheapest and easiest option I’ve found.

If you are in need of money Western Union and Moneygram are also reliable options with Moneygram being a bit less expensive.


Radeema – This is the water and electricity company for Marrakech. They have multiple offices usually in each neighborhood that you can pay your bill or go to for service help. Online payment is also an option. English may be a bit of a challenge so you may need help if you need to explain something.

Telephone Services

  • Maroc Telecom is the national carrier and offers a range of services from landlines to cellphones and internet services.
  • INWI provides landlines, wireless and internet services.
  • Orange provides landlines, wireless and internet services.

All three are options and you should look into which has the best coverage depending on where you live. Also keep in mind reception in homes can really vary. Many Moroccan homes are concrete builds and you may need more than one internet router for example.

If you are in need of a cell phone you may be restricted as to what is available based on your status. If you do not have a residency card you aren’t eligible for specific things and vice versa.


Where can you go to find furniture in Marrakech – good question! There’s a lot of different options.

To have Moroccan style couches built there are usually carpenters in many residential neighborhoods that will build them to size in your home. They have connections to the guys that make the pillows and mattresses and covers.

The same can be said for carpenters.

If you’re looking for already built options; Kitea is a shop that sells home goods. IKEA is also in Morocco though in Rabat – they usually offer free shipping to Marrakech at a certain level of sales.

One of the best places you might look are buy/sell pages on Facebook. Because there are a lot of people that come and go from Marrakech, as well as riads that are changing styles or ownership, you can often find furniture for very good prices.

Children’s Goods and Services

Parks and Play Areas

I have a full list of all types of parks and play areas listed on this page of where kids can play in Marrakech.


This list can’t possible be exhaustive because there’s always new things popping up so consider this a basic starting point. For more info on schooling read my post on schools in Morocco.

  • The British Academy Marrakech (English)
  • The American School Marrakech (English)
  • Victor Hugo (French Language)
  • Khalil Gibran Marrakech (English)
  • Elaraki School (Moroccan Private)
  • Les Printemps (Moroccan Private)
  • Establissment Noha (Moroccan Private)
  • Establissment Ezzeitoun (Moroccan Private)
  • Establissment Sofia (Moroccan Private)

There are also daycares and preschools called creches available for children who are not school age yet.

Clothing and Equipment


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