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17 of the Best Breakfast’s Around the World!

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]I love breakfast but I hate making breakfast. So whenever I travel it’s an absolute treat to experience something special wherever I am. With this in mind, I asked several other bloggers to share their favorite breakfast around the world. If you are into culinary travel then you’ll want to read up. There are so many more options that could be on the list but enjoy these breakfast bites to get you started!

Australia (Noosa)

Breakfast in Australia

A perfect breakfast at Aromas (http://www.aromasnoosa.com.au/) on Hastings Street in Noosa, Australia is a great way to start the day. Roasted field mushrooms is a serve of two poached eggs, spinach, ricotta, and macadamia dukkah. It was delicious and mouth-watering. I would definitely give it a 10 on 10 for a scrumptious breakfast.

Raksha of Solo Passport


We stayed at a quirky little B&B in Ghent in Belgium, and the B&B is named after the quirky owner herself, Myriame Dolders. Every morning she would make our breakfast, and every morning there was something different, and iconic to Ghent and to Belgium. This breakfast had it all going on – home made hot chocolate, waffles, nutella, and fresh bread. Loved her, and Ghent and we loved the breakfast.

Read More about Ghent right here, from Paula and Gordon of Contented Traveller

Cuba (Cienfuegos)

We will always remember the breakfasts we had in the home-stays in Cuba, not because the quality of them was something extraordinary, but because we felt that in most places homestay owners basically gave you everything they had, and they were so happy when they could please you. From these great Cuban breakfasts the one we had in Cienfuegos stands out clearly. The lady prepared us an amazingly complete breakfast with different kinds of fresh tropical fruits and fresh pineapple juice included.

Read more about Cuba from Gabor of Surfing the Planet


There are plenty of arguments about what makes the perfect French breakfast croissant – the type of butter used (Normandy is best), how the yeast is added, whether the dough is allowed to rest and refrigerate enough, how it is folded… and while you can find a croissant on any street corner, the best are made by a master “patissier,” lovingly shaped with only the best ingredients. They have to keep on their toes because the rest of the world is catching up: the New York Times magazine had the nerve to declare the best French croissant was to be found not in France – but in Australia. These delightful little quarter-moons are sprung from the kitchen of Le Clair de la Plume, my favourite restaurant in southeastern France, which makes everything by hand: the biscuits, the dozens of jams, the fruit salads, the compotes. The French tend to have a ‘light’ breakfast, but I’m breaking with custom and loading up my plate.

Leyla of Women on the Road


Info on the venue: The New York Cafe is over 120 years old and the atmosphere is over the top Belle Epoch. In its day, it was dubbed “the most beautiful coffee house in the world.” Celebrity patrons were arts and literary intelligentsia who made this place theirs: Alexander Korda (who went on to found London Films in the UK, and then to Hollywood), actor Bela Lugosi, Ferenc Molnar (“Carousel”), and the editors of the avant-garde Nyugat magazine (sort of the anti-establishment literary equivalent to Art Nouveau). Traditional Hungarian breakfast includes a seasonal greens, sausage and an egg souffle. Coffee service is accompanied with bite-sized spritz-like butter cookie. Champagne is de regueur.


I was introduced to shakshouka in Israel for the first time. It is a dish of pouched eggs in a tomato, chilli pepper and onion base, spiced with cumin. It comes from Tunisian, Moroccan, Jewish origin. It is popular amongst many ethnic groups in the Middle East. Shakshouka is traditionally served in a cast iron pan or a tagine. People eat it with bread to help them mop out the sauce from the dish. It is a very popular dish in Israel. Tunisian Jews introduced it in the country, when they arrived. Tunisians added artichoke hearts, potatoes and broad beans to the dish. It s a very tasty, but filling dish for breakfast.

Barbara of Jet-settera


Breakfast in Kerala India

Before my trip to Kerala, I was so excited about all the new experiences BUT the thought of amazingly delicious food. Every breakfast in Kerala is a combination of eastern and western food and lots of fresh fruit. My daily order was a Dosa with Masala Chai and Watermelon juice. Every place has a different method of serving.
Dosa is a typical South Indian treat which can best be described as a thin flaky crepe. This paper thin crepe is served with a yellow potato that is mildly curried that is filled inside it. A trio of sauces are accompaniments to this popular breakfast dish.
Veruschka of Spice Goddess


We’ve eaten a lot of breakfasts on our travels, but our morning meal at Caffè Spaccanapoli in Naples, Italy stands out as a favorite. Naples is famous for its food, and we were especially wowed by the sfogliatelle – a Naples pastry with flaky crust and a semi-sweet ricotta filling. Paired with a strong cup of coffee, this breakfast provided us with enough sugar and caffeine to fuel a full day of touring.

Mindi from Two Food Trippers


A traditional Jamaican breakfast consists of our national fruit “ackee” along with sides. Foreigners often think ackee looks and tastes like scrambled eggs but it is very different. Boiled ackee is cooked in a frying pan alongside onions, tomatoes, Scotch Bonnet peppers and salt cod. This is a dried salty fish that is broken apart in the ackee. This dish is commonly referred to as “ackee and saltfish”. One of the side dishes is fried dumplings (shown in the picture). These dumplings are flaky on the outside and soft on the inside. Other common sides are hard dough bread, bread fruit, boiled green bananas and bammy. To top off the dish fried plantains are a must (also shown in the picture).

Nadeen White-Creator and Editor of The Sophisticated Life.


Our best breakfast was at the Park Hyatt Maldives. We tried everything on the menu during the week we were there and everything was phenomenal, but our favorite dish was the Hadahaa’s homegrown chili egg which was a soft poached egg topped with guacamole and chili tomato relish over multigrain toast. It was even better since it was complimentary and we enjoyed the best view of the infinity pool and turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean. We sat at the breakfast table for hours every day enjoying the delicious food and killer view!

Bertaut & Alexis of World Travel Adventurers


Beloved throughout Mexico, chilaquiles are usually found only in a choice of red or green sauces—usually just one or the other.  But at La Cueva del Chango located in Playa del Carmen in the Riviera de Maya, a little restaurant that is primo for breakfast, the menu offered a choice of many.  I chose, and really liked, the one with pasilla salsa.  This was the first time I encountered over-easy eggs on top (I think I prefer them without the eggs).

Carole of Berkeley and Beyond


While in Essaouira Morocco there was one traditional breakfast we went back for again and again and again – Batbout smothered in honey!

The little no name store was always rammed with locals, and you had to get there early because they would sell out every single day. This freshly made style of moroccan bread is simply served with a mound of butter melted into the bread and lavish amounts of honey poured over the top. So simple but oh so freaking good! 

Meagan of Food, Fun, Travel


In my opinion, one of the best ways to experience a new place is by eating the local food, and Myanmar did not fail me with this. If you are a sucker for curries like I am – you’re gonna LOVE Burmese food, especially the elaborate breakfasts! Our breakfast typically contained 6 things – 1) Burmese noodles of different sizes and textures mixed together with many crispy things, 2) a very thin spicy soup with a few veggies, 3) sliced sweet Burmese pancake (a little different when compared to typical English pancakes), 4) a short and stubby banana, 5) a cup of special Myanmar tea (a bit like Indian chai) and 6) a thermos of fresh green tea. I never left anything on my plate and it kept me energetic for most of the day.

Sonal of Drifter Planet (http://drifterplanet.com/)


Beef Noodle Soup

Breakfast in Singapore was nothing like I imagined but I easily fell in live. While those who have a sweet tooth could opt for kaya toast and coffee I loved enjoying savory items like this beef noodle soup. Congee is another popular breakfast food but it wasn’t my favorite!

Amanda of MarocMama


The best breakfast in my life was quite possibly this one in Istanbul, Turkey. In general, Turkey is heaven for breakfast lovers. I’m convinced no one does it better. Fresh kaymak with honey, hot bread, olive oil, cheeses and so much more. There simply is nothing better. I’d eat this everyday if I could!

Amanda of MarocMama (check my post on this breakfast for more!)


Tropical fruit is abundant in Peru, and my favorite is “lúcuma.” It looks like an orange avocado, but it’s creamy taste is indescribable. There are many types of bananas and citrus fruits, and also different types of passion fruit (maracuyá, granadilla, membrilla) whose tart juice is normally sweetened. Avocados are also very common (in Peru they called by their Quechua name “palta”). For protein we had some boiled quail eggs, Andean cheese, and lúcuma yogurt drink. The granola used in yogurt contains puffed quinoa and puffed amarant, sweetened with local honey. Different teas and infusions are common to drink to warm you up on the chilly mornings in the mountains.

Becky of Kid World Citizen

United States

The typical breakfast in the United States consists of pretty simple foods. Cereal, toast, oatmeal, fruit, smoothies, or granola bars are usually the easiest and quickest choices for people on the go. However, Americans do appreciate a good, hearty breakfast every once in a while. No time is it more evident than on the weekends, when people around the country will make special trips to local restaurants in the late morning or early afternoon for brunch with friends and family (often paired with boozy morning cocktails). Pictured here is a plate from a brunch buffet in Washington, D.C., with a diverse selection of prepared foods for the most adventurous of brunch-seekers.

Marissa of Life as Marissa



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