When you marry someone from another culture you expect there to be bumps along the way.  There will be language barriers and challenges with finding employment.  You might have different ideas about how to raise children or what to eat for dinner. I never expected there to be issues in the bathroom.  Never.  I promise I’m not going to go TMI on you here but I think this is such an important topic.  I’ve even devoted a whole section in my upcoming book just the bathroom. (Want to be the first to know about the book launch? Sign up for my newsletter now!)

I should have known the first time I stared down a Turkish toilet.  Oh you say you don’t know what that is….let me show you.

What do you do with that?

More importantly what girl is going to ask their boyfriend how to use it?  I didn’t.  I couldn’t.  I wouldn’t!  It was a really long week let’s just say that.

I thought once MarocBaba came to the US we would have no  more issues, well because we were on my home turf with “real” toilets.  Then he started asking for a bidet.  A bi-what?  Those French drinking fountain things in the bathroom?  I never could figure them out.  No way. Not in my house.  Disgusting.

He kept at it and this year I finally caved in.  We got a bidet that attaches to the back of the toilet.

You know what guys.

I love it.

I do!

I love that thing!

Oh the shame!

When we went on our cruise last month I was really wondering how we’d deal with toilet issues when there’s no bidet. What to do? Two words.

Portable Bidet.

Hygienna Solo (teal)

Just hear me out on this one.  This is so darn clever.  You just put the rubber end of this on a water bottle.  Any plastic water bottle, filled with water works.

Hygienna Solo (teal)

That’s it.  You can take it anywhere, put it in your pocket and never be without a bidet again!

So why am I telling you this?  Two reasons.  First it’s so much cleaner to use a bidet.  Secondly, if you’ve married an Arab man, don’t underestimate the importance of the bidet.  It’s really important in issues of cleanliness.  Toilet paper just won’t cut it.  If you’re not ready to invest in a bidet then seriously consider getting one or a few of these to have on hand.  They are really affordable and I swear you’ll be a bidet convert.

Have you faced any other cultural issues that you changed your opinion about over time? 

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post and I am being compensated.  However, as always, my opinion is my own and I truly do love this product!