Weekend Reads: September 4th

The weekend is finally here and I’ve got news – I’ll be cooking this weekend!  My family will be coming home soon and I finally got a deep freezer.  I am planning to do some cooking and freezing ahead of time so that we can spend a ton of time together and I’m not stuck […]

Weekend Reads: July 24

Can I just say that I have loved looking through all of my blog subscriptions this week.  Seriously, the pictures of delicious produce made my mouth water!  I love summer for this reason, it makes my mouth and my heart happy.  I think you’ll love some of these too! Farmer’s Market: Tomatoes, Blackberries and Nectarines. […]

Weekend Reads: June 12

It’s a rainy day here but we’re not too worried about it because most of the day is going to be inside – World Cup fever is here! Family Friendly Eco-Travel (Frugal Too) Simple Organic I love travel and I think that the more kids are exposed to traveling the more of a global citizen […]

Weekend Reads: June 4, 2010

I must have been a tagging fool this week because I have a TON of good links to share.   Challenges: Some of these I participate in weekly – however The Breakfast Cook is  a New one that I’m looking forward to giving a shot! The Breakfast Cook:  Blueberries! Meatless Monday Dinner on a Deadline: Week […]

Weekend Reads: May 16th

It’s been another busy week here.  Work has kept me on my toes and I came down with a nasty fever thing in the middle of the week.  Not sure what it was but a lot of extra sleep seemed to take it away.  It did leave me with some extra free time to brainstorm […]

Weekend Reads May 7, 2010

I haven’t done one of these in awhile so I thought I would share a few links I have saved up!  We’re supposed to get snow today – that’s right snow in May.  So snuggle up with some hot tea and enjoy!FoodSourcing Food Locally, Even in the Smallest Community from Simple Bites29 Alternative Pizza Sauce […]