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MarocMama Market Open for Business!

I am so excited to be sharing my latest venture with you all.  It has really been a long time coming and I’ve been putting a lot of thought into how I would want things to turn out BUT finally I’m ready to swing open the doors on the MarocMama Market.  Right now I’m offering […]

Travel Tuesday: Chicago Pizza

So…………… this is not my creation.  And odds are pretty good I never will make one of these but it was a very tasty pizza.   My husband and I were in Chicago this past weekend for a long vacation and to attend the ISNA convention.  I had very few things I wanted out of […]

Never Have a Kitchen Without Them…

~ Dinner on a Deadline Week Two~This time last year my husband and I were debating another big move.  Part of moving for me is always about when will I have my things, especially when will I have my kitchen back!  This move turned out to be a lot different than previous moves.  Mostly because […]

1st Summer Vacation

On a whim Wednesday evening we decided we should go on vacation this weekend.  Trust me it’s no where fantastic/exotic/or really that thrilling but it’s a getaway.  I have Monday off of work so that makes it worth it – plus we have free digs so that really is an added bonus.  Of course I […]

Travel Tuesday: Henna

If anyone follows Twitter Tuesday’s popular hashtag is #traveltuesday.  I decided to incorporate this into my posting schedule and dedicate Tuesday’s to all about Morocco day.  I’m going to start the ball rolling today with a post about henna.  From my first visit having henna done was something that I began to associate with Morocco. […]

The Couscous That Was Almost…well couscous

Looks good doesn’t it?  This friends is couscous tfiya the only type of couscous my darling husband likes.  You see I don’t post couscous recipes on here because well..I don’t make them that often.  This was only my third attempt at it.  I wish that I could share my recipe with you today but it’s […]