Guest Post: Memories of Marrakech

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Today’s guest post is from Holly Warah of Arabic Zeal.  Holly has been a friend on Twitter (@dubai_words) for sometime now.  She is originally from Seattle but is currently an …

Amanda MouttakiGuest Post: Memories of Marrakech

Guest Post: Ifrane-Retreat in the Atlas Mountains

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Today’s guest post comes from Nicole and Gary Winchester of CultureAddict/HistoryNerd a most awesome blog from the Toronto couple.  You can also find them on Twitter @addict_nerd.  They are sharing …

Amanda MouttakiGuest Post: Ifrane-Retreat in the Atlas Mountains

Guest Post: Desert Camping in Morocco

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Our guest post today is from a friend who had the good fortune to spend several weeks in Morocco last fall including a visit to MarocBaba’s mom’s house for a …

Amanda MouttakiGuest Post: Desert Camping in Morocco

Guest Post: Hand Rolled Couscous

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If there is anyone that knows Moroccan food it’s Paula Wolfert.  She truly is the queen, the Julia Child’s of Moroccan food in America.  I adore her cookbooks and she …

Amanda MouttakiGuest Post: Hand Rolled Couscous

Deadman’s Delight Cupcakes

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  Today’s post is for Frosting for the Cause, a very cool blog comprised of 100% guest posts.  The About information from the site states; “Beginning January 1, 2011 a …

Amanda MouttakiDeadman’s Delight Cupcakes