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Dark Chocolate Pistachio Pantry Fudge
Yesterdays’ recipe was for a really delicious, though a bit complicated dessert.  Today’s recipe couldn’t be more different! This is the perfect recipe to get your kids involved – in fact with a little adult supervision M (8) was able to make this all by himself. I brought some... Read more
Gluten-Free Strawberry, Mint and Lemon Tart
When we found out about MarocBaba’s celiac diagnosis I was a little afraid. I had always relied on store-bought breads, treats and other baked goods to make up for my shortfalls in that department.  Once I saw the price tag on a loaf of gluten-free bread I had sticker... Read more
Several weeks ago I wrote a post called Raising Muslim Boys: Creating a Helping Tradition at Home, for American Muslim Mom.  You can head over there to read the entire article but one of the points I touched on was encouraging boys to become self-sufficient and capable of doing... Read more
Last month I had the good fortune to attend a Turkish cooking class that was hosted by a lady from our mosque.  I’ve adored the food of Greece and Turkey since I visited over 10 years ago (wow I’m getting old!).  I’ve never met someone who dislikes baklava, a... Read more
It seems like Ramadan has gone as fast as it crept up.  Today is the last day of fasting .  This week M starts 2nd grade and MarocBaba is back at school too.  I’m looking forward to a more regular schedule but it’s only a few weeks before we... Read more
In May, I went to Washington DC for my first food blogging conference and had the opportunity to meet so many lovely people including one that’s been in my thoughts and prayers a lot lady.  Jennifer Perillo blogs at In Jennie’s Kitchen and I so enjoyed her talk at... Read more
It’s been a little sporadic around here as I work a few weeks ahead of time getting prepared for Ramadan.  I have so much planned for the month and I know that it’s going to really be awesome!  Today I’m sharing a little recipe that my oldest M made... Read more
Blueberry Cheese Pudgy Pies
Over the weekend we spent a lot of much needed time with family, enjoying each other and being outside.  I even took a technology break.  I rarely checked my phone, wasn’t emailing or checking in anywhere.  It really was a great vacation.  One of the things that we did... Read more