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Asparagus and Manchego Quiche

Mixed Asparagus and Manchego Quiche

Confession…. I hate breakfast. I always have. I might enjoy an egg and toast from time to time but I’m not one to wake up and tuck into a big “breakfast-y” meal.  I have tried really hard to like “breakfast foods,” foods but they just don’t appeal to me. So I gave up on them.  I started eating what I wanted to eat for breakfast.  Turkey sandwich? Sounds good.  Leftover spaghetti and meatballs?  Why not.  Really it doesn’t matter. Now I’m afraid I’ve passed on either genetically or by example this same trait to M.  We’re both late eaters, breakfast…

Stuffed French Toast

#SeriousSandwich Bread – Emeril’s Brioche Loaf and Stuffed French Toast

Most of my bread baking has been confined to the gluten-free variety lately. I knew that I wanted to tackle this brioche recipe in Kicked Up Sandwiches almost as soon as I saw it.  Brioche can be somewhat intimidating.  There’s a a lot of butter and a lot of eggs that go into making it. My attempts in the past haven’t been failures but they weren’t highly successful either. It’s usually a struggle for me to stick exactly to a recipe but I followed this one to a “T”. All I can say is I wish I could work out…

Grilled Sandwich

Grilled Manchego Cheese with Quince Paste, Pears and Walnut Butter

Does this bread not scream fall? When I stopped by the bakery and saw trays of this beautiful bread fresh out of the oven I knew I had to scoop up a loaf and make something really delicious. It doesn’t take too much convincing for me to try new breads, in fact there was a loaf of spinach feta bread that I had to restrain myself from bringing home. One of the recipes I’ve been most looking forward to creating from Emeril’s “Kicked Up Sandwiches” is the one I chose to make with this bread. The recipe calls for quince…

Moroccan Spicy Sweet Apple Croissants

Moroccan Spicy Sweet Apple Croissants

It feels like fall has been slowly making an appearance here.  Summer was long and hot, a very un-traditional Midwestern summer. In July local apple orchards began reporting they wouldn’t have apples available to pick, they were expecting the trees wouldn’t produce because of the fruit. Thankfully some were diligent with watering and have opened for fall apple picking. Finally the nights are dipping near freezing and slowly we’re seeing the leaves begin to turn.  I love this time of year,  apples, pumpkins and squash, hot cocoa, sweaters and cool nights.  It’s still warm enough to enjoy activities outside but…

Almond Peach Cobbler

Almond Peach Cobbler

When I first opened my foodie penpals box a few weeks ago I could smell the peaches. I’m sure that my penpal didn’t go to a peach farm and pick these however just knowing they were much fresher than what turns up in our grocery store.  The smell immediately brought me back to my favorite farmer’s market in Old Town Alexandria, VA. The first weeks in Virginia were a confusing mess.  I have to admit I was terrified to go almost anywhere because I was so afraid of getting lost.  We lived on a very long street that stretched miles…

Gluten-Free Halal Biscuits and Gravy

Gluten-Free Biscuits and Chicken Sausage Gravy

When I was growing up my family would take regular vacations to Florida. We didn’t travel the luxurious way (i.e. airplane) we drove.  From the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to Florida is a 27 hour drive at least.  Not so much fun when you’re stuck in van hour upon hour.  We would drive the entire first day and night and by morning be somewhere in Tennessee or Georgia. My grandma would then navigate us to a Bob Evan’s, Waffle House or Shoney’s.  This meant the opportunity to gorge ourselves on either an overloaded southern style buffet or eat pecan waffles…

Apple and Pear Galette with Jarlsberg Cheese

Apple Pear Galette with Jarlsberg Cheese {Gluten-Free}

  Desserts and breakfast treats have, by far been the hardest items for me to replicate in a gluten-free version.  They also are the things that MarocBaba misses the most.  I think we all miss it.  I haven’t felt like it’s fair to enjoy these treats when I know he can’t. Instead I’ve been flexing all of the culinary skills I can muster to try and make gluten-free copies. There used to be a bakery in our town that had the most amazing French pastries including an apricot galette that I went crazy for. I had some free time one weekend,…

M’semmen Tutorial (video)

It’s here, it’s here! One of the most requested video tutorials is finally here! If you’ve been wanting to make m’semmen or have tried but it hasn’t worked out here’s the video how to! You can find the original recipe here.     I’m always open to suggestions for recipes you would like to see on video – just let me know!