Have you noticed the abundance of holiday “gear” filling up grocery and department stores?  Lately I’ve been feeling just a little depressed that there isn’t much out there for Islamic holidays.  If you know me you know that I don’t do tacky and a lot of decorations geared towards Muslims go over my glitter and brightness quota.  I am so happy that there are some great companies like modernEID who are filling the void and coming through with very classy and clean decorations and accessories for Eid and Ramadan.  I am also really happy to announce that you’re going to get a chance to win some great goodies from modernEid!

Let’s Celebrate a Modern Eid Event
Let’s Celebrate a Modern Eid Event








modernEID is a great resource to get contemporary and chic Eid and Ramadan decorations. I love how all of their very modern Eid decorations are grouped into coordinated collections. It takes a ton of work out of the equation for me! The pictures shown here are a part of the Arabesque collection (fitting isn’t it?) and I am in love with all of it! After pouring through all of these paper goodies I decided to make some sweets for the treat bags.  I’ve been promising the boys to make chocolate chip cookies soon and the timing was right.

Using the round gift box and cupcake liners that came in the kit I filled them with cute little chocolate chip cookies.  Of course there had to be two portions of cookies because we all know what happens when you tell little boys to share just one.  Scary.  I really like how unique this cylindrical gift box is.  I’m imagining all of the things that could go inside.  Aside from sweet treats a lightweight coiled scarf, a chunky necklace or bracelet, or even a winter emergency kit (lip gloss, tissues, hand sanitizer – not as cute but useful!)

modernEID gift bags

The kit also came with clear treat bags with Eid tags.  I added some coordinating ribbon that I had around the house to tie it off.  I also liked the Eid stickers to seal the bags but wanted to make sure they could be seen.

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