My kids are on their way back to school Tuesday. This mama is going to release a big sigh of relief when it happens. I loved having my kids around this summer, we did a lot of really fun things but sometimes it’s just too much! Since I’ve started working for myself it’s been a really challenging time adjusting to different demands and schedules. I am so looking forward to having a routine and having more time to focus on business items. I’ve spent the last few days cleaning bedrooms, forcing my kids to go through their clothes and decide what does and doesn’t fit and beginning to meal plan. MarocBaba is a full-time college student this semester, with 2 night classes and work three other nights so there’s a lot that will be falling on my shoulders. Kids homework, Arabic lessons, swimming lessons and possibly an extra curricular sport all after school to name a few. Planning is going to be a big deal for me!

It’s really important to me that we eat really good food – even when we’re busy! I’m no Sandra Lee but whenever I can find a high quality product that will make meal preparation easier I am in favor of using it! I’ve recently discovered K (the picky one) likes Sloppy Joe’s. Frankly cans of sloppy joe mix scare the poo out of me and while the sauce isn’t too hard to make I found an even better substitute. Simmer Sauces!

This really couldn’t be any easier – seriously. I just brown 1 lb of ground beef or turkey and add 1 package of simmer sauce. Don’t let it cook down all the way because you want a little bit of liquid for your sandwich. That’s it. Who wouldn’t want a tikka masala sloppy joe? Here are four great dinner ideas for you using each of Saffron Roads’ simmer sauces. (They make great leftovers too – hello lunchboxes!)

Simmer Sauce Sandwiches

What other sandwich combinations would you try using these flavors?