Morocco Wanderlust

7 Pictures to Inspire Your Moroccan Wanderlust

“Traveling — it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.”  — Ibn Battuta What does it take to travel? Sometimes just a single picture can transport us to far-away places. For many of you I know Morocco is a dream destination so, I partnered with Expedia to bring you these photos of Moroccan wanderlust to sweep you off your feet and into paradise! (Looking for more? You can always pop by my Instagram feed for shots around the country).   Morocco’s Medinas   The honeycomb patterns of Morocco’s old medinas immediately remind visitors of a time long ago.…

Mission District Header

Where to Eat in the Mission District of San Francisco

Why the Mission District you might be asking? Well, one of the most iconic food products from San Francisco has to be “THE San Francisco treat.” I bet you even just sang that jingle in your head. It was in the Mission District that Rice-a-Roni got it’s start and today is a multi-ethnic melting pot full of great eats. While there are loads of food options, there are not so many hotels in this area. Nearby neighborhoods have affordable San Francisco hotels, and great public transportation means you can get to the Mission easily. So if your travels have you…

Dubai Iftar

Best Hotels in Dubai for Ramadan Iftar

Ramadan is around the corner and nowhere are the iftar spreads more impressive than Dubai. If you’re visiting the UAE capital during the month you should make it a point to partake in at least one, even if you’re not fasting. For those unfamiliar with the holiday Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. Observant Muslims fast from both food and water beginning at sunrise and lasting until sunset. When fasting finishes for the day there’s a celebration. After the fourth call to prayer for the day (at sunset) the fast is broken with an iftar meal and…

MarocMama Favorite Moroccan Rugs

My Favorite Styles of Moroccan Rugs

Before I moved here, a rug was a rug. Period. Sure some of them looked differently but I honestly had no clue how to tell one from another. My how the times have changed! MarocBaba is none too impressed that I love Moroccan rugs, my mother in law actively pulls me away from anyone selling rugs, and I’ve been forbidden from purchasing more…for now. If you’re coming to Morocco be sure to read my rug buying guide. Also spend some time reading up on the different varieties and styles of rugs. To get you started here are some of my…


Tasty Toronto Food Tours

I spent most of my childhood living less than three hours from Canada but it wasn’t until I was 25 that we actually went there! I’ve barely dipped my foot into the great cities and cultures of this city but I can’t wait to see more! One of the biggest cities, Toronto, has a lot to offer including some amazing food tours. You know how much we love food tours and everywhere we go we always try to take at least one. The good news is in Toronto there are plenty to choose from! After you reserve a great Toronto…

Where to stay in Cancun Mexico so You Don't Feel Like  a Tourist

Cancun Hotels Where You Won’t Feel Like a Tourist

Cancun is the destination of choice for many Americans visiting Mexico. The city caters so much to tourists that there is an aptly named “Tourist Zone” chock full of hotels and safe options for visitors. But what if the idea of being stuck in this din of faux Mexico sounds more stomach-churning than delightful? It is possible to find great places to stay that are not in the tourist zone. You’ll have a more authentic experience and, in all likelihood, pay much less as well. Isla Mujeres isn’t located in Cancun proper, but is only a few kilometers away and…


7 Tips for Buying a Rug in Marrakech

I have a small obsession with Moroccan rugs. By small what I really mean is that I have a big problem. I just can’t resist them! Aside from basic house goods I haven’t bought many decorative items for our Marrakech house- except for these. Just the other day we were at a rural market and as soon as my mother in law saw me eyeing rugs she grabbed my arm and pulled me away. Yes, I am simply that in love with them!