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Vegetarian Moroccan Meal Ideas
I’m eating less and less meat these days. I’m not sure if it’s just a loss of appetite for it or that I’m simply enjoying other things. It feels like summer hasn’t left Morocco, temperatures are still high and we’re enjoying lots of fresh produce better take advantage of... Read more
Tips for Dealing with Touts in Morocco
The cities of Morocco have a reputation for touts, or people who offer you a service you haven’t requested, such as “helping” you find your riad, or in the case of females those making unwanted advances. While there’s no way to completely avoid this, there are some ways to... Read more
Our Couple’s Escape to Riad Dar Zaman
I truly believe in the importance of couples to spend time together, alone – especially once they have children. Of course, a trip to Morocco is a great opportunity to do just this! We highly recommend any visitors to Marrakech chose to stay in a riad. They’re a very... Read more
Learning on the Road through Technology Games
Many people make the decision to move abroad or live nomadically when their children are young and not yet of formal schooling age. Then there are those of us that decide to do it later in life. Our first year I had grand plans. In fact I had a... Read more
Day Trips from Marrakech Worth Taking
Marrakech is great but even true lovers of the city look for other things to do after a few days. The good news is you can keep Marrakech as your base while spending time exploring the surrounding areas. Taking a day trip or two is a great way to... Read more
Making Marrakechi Tangia at Home
Marrakech has one dish that they are especially known for – tangia. Not to be confused with tajine, this is truly special. On every food tour we try to take our guests to try this food. Of course vegetarians have to miss out but for everyone else this “man... Read more
Camping and RV’ing in Morocco
Towering kasbahs, luxurious riad gardens, and sumptuous hotel rooms are all a part of the travelers imagination when it comes to Morocco. However, for those who prefer something a little less expensive and closer to nature camping and RVing sound closer to their dreams. Morocco is not as camping... Read more
Guide to the Markets of Marrakech
If you’ve seen pictures of the souks of Marrakech than you know they’re a cacophony of colors and stores overflowing with things like shoes, lanterns, and clothing. It’s easy to get lost and wander for hours! But, many people find it very nerve wracking to be in such an... Read more