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Fun Things to do in Rome with Kids

I’m starting to plan our Mediterranean cruise in May and know we won’t be purchasing shore excursions from the cruise line. But, that doesn’t mean we’ll be stuck on the ship or wandering aimlessly around the port. One of our first stops is in Rome and while we’ve spent one day here, visiting with kids will be completely different. The historic city of Rome is a favorite stop for tourists in Italy, and Europe in general. But, if you’re traveling with children you might wonder if this is a great destination. Having already had a taste of Rome here are…

What I Read: February

In December I shared one of my favorite books everyday and it turned out to be a big hit. Seems many people are as avid readers as I am! This year, I’ve promised myself to take more time to just read. February is the shortest month of the year but that didn’t slow me down. In the middle of the month we had to go to Rabat to get some paperwork sorted out for my carte sejour (residency card). This gave me nearly 10 hours on a train with no internet. Enough time to finish two books! I’ve noticed that…

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8 Things to Consider When Booking a Cruise

We’re so excited! In May we’ll be boarding the Norwegian Epic and sailing through the Mediterranean. You might remember our first cruising adventure to the Caribbean. Since then I’ve gone on a cruise with my mom, and now MarocBaba and I will be taking the kids again. It’s safe to say everyone is very excited. I’ll be speaking in Catalunya, Spain this May during TBEX (a conference for travel bloggers) and afterwards the family is joining me in Barcelona, our embarkation point. As we considered cruises we put together this list of pointers for any family thinking of cruising.

10 Things to do with Kids in Providenciales

10 Things To Do with Kids in Providenciales, Turks and Caicos

When the Caribbean is calling, you should take heed and answer! Providenciales in the Turks and Caicos is a family-friendly destination with plenty to do for the young and young at heart. Last summer we stopped for the day as a part of a Caribbean cruise and it was one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been! If your tropical vacation has you booking a flight to Providenciales for a day or a week, here are some things to do with children.

Healthy PB and Chocolate Recipes

22 Healthy Peanut Butter and Chocolate Recipes

Ask a majority of American expats what food they miss from home and a good majority of the time the answer will be peanut butter. Somehow the rest of the world hasn’t caught on to how great peanut butter is. Like Nutella did, I have high hopes that someday the world will see peanut butter for how amazing it is. Speaking of Nutella, mixing peanut butter with chocolate? Well there are few things better than that combination.

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Budget Hostels to Consider in Marrakech

Think you can’t come to Marrakech unless you’ve got the pocketbook of a sultan? Think again! Hostels aren’t as common in Morocco as they are in Europe and in years past they were dingy, dirty, and overall not somewhere you’d want to spend any length of time. With more and more travelers visiting thanks to plentiful flights on European low-cost carriers, there are more budget options available. Be forewarned because I live in Marrakech, I haven’t spent the night in any of these hostels but have heard about them from other travelers and through the word of mouth circuit.

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Raising Bilingual Children: Should We Go Overseas?

When people ask us what made us decide to move to Morocco, we always give the same answer; for our children to learn Arabic and French. This might not be a priority for everyone but it was important for us. I always felt terrible that my kids couldn’t have even basic communication with my husband’s mother and extended family. It brought me many sleepless nights thinking they would grow up and never know this part of their family, all because of a language barrier. I know that it’s not feasible or even practical for everyone to relocate overseas but for…