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Slow Cooker Chicken Shwarma

I’ve been using my slow cooker a lot lately.  So much so that MarocBaba finally said to me at the end of last week, “Ok enough with that machine now!”  It makes my life so much easier, and I am rarely disapointed.  Not to mention the kids have not rejected a single meal.  When I have combed the internet for new freezer and slow cooker meal ideas I found a few things that were troubling; There’s a lot of slow cooker soup recipes.  If I served soup as a meal I’d get a lot of sad faces. Lots of freezer meals include pasta, something we eat very little of. Pork, lots and lots of pork. There are some Moroccan tajines that I’ve tried in the slow cooker and while the taste is ok, the sauce doesn’t reduce and have the same flavor. I’ve always wanted to take Middle Eastern and Moroccan recipes and make them even easier. A few weeks …

Amanda MouttakiSlow Cooker Chicken Shwarma

Is Semi-Homemade Your Style?

Are you a semi-homemade queen (or king)? I am super excited to share two opportunities with you! First, I’ll be participating in a tweet-up on December 8th at 1:30pm EST with Sandra Lee, most well known for her Food Network show Semi-Homemade. I already know what question I want to ask but now it’s your turn to submit questions too!  So in the comments be sure to respond and let me know what you’d like to have asked. The topic is about holiday and holiday preparation.  Some categories questions could come from; How can you prep ahead of the big day? Favorite holiday foods Inclusive or allergen sensitive recipe ideas Tried and true main dishes/side dishes/cocktail recipes for the holidays Whatever you want to ask – fire away!! As an added bonus, I’ll gather the questions and compile them into a blog post after the tweet up.  If Sandra doesn’t answer your question I will!   Second, Verizon Wireless and …

Amanda MouttakiIs Semi-Homemade Your Style?
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Wasabi Chickpea Crusted Fish

When I was a little girl my grandparents would take me out for dinner every Friday night.  It wasn’t just a happy meal at McDonald’s or a tacos in a hole in the wall place.  It was a supper club. Maybe you have never been to a supper club but they are a thing of legend here in the Midwest. Traditionally, a supper club was a destination, where patrons could go for the evening and not just a meal.  Cocktail hour, a slow paced sit down dinner and of course dessert all at a reasonable price. (Because here in the Midwest, we’re reasonable people). It also wasn’t a place you went to wearing jeans and a t-shirt.  My mom would pick out a dress for me wear before I went out and made sure my hair was curled and my shoes polished. I’m sure she never imagined I would remember that and be writing about it today!  Friday night at …

Amanda MouttakiWasabi Chickpea Crusted Fish
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Moroccan Chocolate Cake #TeaTimeTraditions

I recently found a new monthly cooking themed blog hop called Tea Time Treats and I am so excited!  Even though I don’t have little girls, my boys have grown up drinking tea. It’s a HUGE tradition in Morocco so it probably would be more strange if they hadn’t. I think this is really funny because before I had met MarocBaba I’d never had a cup of tea – never.  Now I know there’s nothing better in the afternoon than a big mug of tea and a few little snacks to nibble on.  I’m longing for the day I can be in London and have a real English tea time.  For now, my little at home experience will have to do.  So here’s my offering to this month’s theme of CAKES!  This is a Moroccan Chocolate Cake that my sister in law shared with me. I changed the flour to make it gluten free and had to reconfigure the measurements …

Amanda MouttakiMoroccan Chocolate Cake #TeaTimeTraditions
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Review: The Bengali Five Spice Cookbook

Several weeks ago I stumbled across a post on Cooking in Westchester through a friends share on Twitter. It’s an Indian cooking blog specifically focusing on Bengali cuisine. I am always drawn to blogs like my own, those who are living outside the country they blog about.  Although I’m not Moroccan I have found that cooking Moroccan food is a way to bring my children closer to their culture and also give MarocBaba a little less homesickness. I also happened to come to this new blog on a post talking about her new cookbook and desire to have bloggers participate in the launch by cooking from the new book and giving away a copy.  I jumped at the chance. I love Indian food and although extremely reluctant for a long time MarocBaba has come to the dark side and now loves it too. The regional nature of the cookbook is what really spurred my interest.  I have one other Indian cookbook …

Amanda MouttakiReview: The Bengali Five Spice Cookbook
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The Best Way to End the Weekend? #GivingTuesday

I’m totally tapped out on all the shopping hype over this past weekend.  I even considered braving the freezing winds we had on Friday morning to trudge my way to Best Buy. I then regained my senses and took to my laptop instead.  Shopping done. So let’s recap.  We’ve had Black Friday and Small Business Saturday.  Monday is Cyber Monday and now perhaps the best idea yet – Giving Tuesday.  I’m someone that believes giving should happen all the time, but it makes sense to end the ThanksGIVING weekend with a day that’s actually about giving. So what is it all about? #GivingTuesday will celebrate giving and incentivize a new conversation about ways to give more, give smarter, and put giving back into the giving season. #GivingTuesday is a special call to action, culminating with a new national day of giving around the annual shopping and spending season and to inspire giving every day.  #GivingTuesday will prove that the holidays can be about both giving …

Amanda MouttakiThe Best Way to End the Weekend? #GivingTuesday