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I Love My….But Does He?

support system

Last night I was busy, beginning to empty out my closet. At least twice a year, and sometimes there we have to shuffle our clothes. Heavy winter clothes get packed away, but not too far for a few weeks, in case there’s a cold snap. Spring clothes begin to fill the cabinets and make way […]

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{Expat Guest Post} Alyson of World Travel Family

Port Douglas Australia

When we decided to become expats, I knew there were others like us out there – I just had to find them.  Once I started looking, I was amazed at just how many people have chosen an expatriate lifestyle. So many people tell me that they wish they could move to another country; I want […]

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Real Food on a Budget: Repurpose Leftovers

Real Food on a Budget Leftovers

There are two kinds of people in this world, those that won’t let a leftover go to waste, and those who won’t touch them with a 10 foot pole.  In this final week of my real food on a budget series I am going to share some ways to use up your leftovers and stretch […]

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Spring Sports and Getting Dinner on the Table

Spring Vegetable Mac and Cheese

Once the snow has melted, everyone is rushing to get outside. For us, this means soccer. Both M and K are playing this year, and between practice and games we’re out of the house most nights. I love my slow cooker and other quick meal solutions for these busy nights. But, lately I have been […]

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Mother’s Day Moroccan Ka’hwah {Coffee}

Moroccan Coffee

Morocco isn’t known for it’s coffee culture but I’ve found the “coffee culture” inside of many Moroccan homes to be my favorite part of the day. Arabica coffee sometimes mixed with spices and sometimes alone is brewed thick and served with plenty of sweet, whole milk. In honor of Mother’s Day in the United States […]

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4 Tips to Start Planning an International Relocation

4 tips to plan an international move

  Since we’ve made the decision to move to Morocco, and made it public, one of the most frequent things I’ve heard is, “that’s so great, I really wish WE could do that.”  Not everyone is jumping to go to Morocco but a lot of people are jumping to live somewhere else, whether that’s their […]

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