Marrakech’s Jardin Majorelle

People ask me often what to do and see when they’re in Marrakech. Truthfully, I sometimes stumble over answering the question. Most people see the standard sights on a tour within the

Four Ways to Explore the Real Dubai

When most people think of Dubai, they think of shopping malls, luxury hotels, and trendy restaurants. Truth be told my first day in Dubai I was completely confused. It was NOTHING like

Finding the Perfect Travel Pillow for Kids

I have a short list of items I like to pack when we travel with the kids. The older they have gotten the smaller the list has gotten. They’re more easily entertained

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I’m Amanda, a curious, world traveling mom of two boys. On MarocMama you’ll find inspiration to eat amazing food, live globally, and explore the world with us. We’re a Moroccan/American family living in Marrakech. On this site you’ll find travel inspiration, practical insight to our life in Morocco, and our favorite food from around the world.

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