Guest Posting

A regular feature that I have started is the sharing of guest posts.  This is a great way to get new readers for your own blog and to give MarocMama readers some new reading material too.  Some ideas for guest posting;


  • Have you tried one of my recipes?  Why not share your story with my readers!
  • Do you have your own Moroccan or Moroccan-esque recipe to share?
  • Have you visited Morocco – have travel tips, suggestions, ideas, reflections?
  • Do you like to read books relating to Morocco – why not share a book review!  (Check out my list here)
  • Is there a particular cultural or religious insight that you might share?
  • Have you taught about Morocco in your homeschool?


  • Have you recently taken up eating whole foods or organic foods? Tell your story!
  • What are your experiences with food diplomacy?
  • How do you think we can use food to bridge divides between people?
  • Have you traveled internationally, what are your experiences?
  • Do you live in a bi-cultural home?  Share your stories of struggle, multi-culturalism and triumph!

If you are a company interested in placing links in exchange for providing me “free” content, please read and contact me about a sponsored post.  I love to share guest posts, from other bloggers, not as an advertising or linking platform.  Please email (amandamouttaki at gmail dot com) or tweet me with any questions you have or to participate here!

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