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Interview with Kay McGowan of A Curated World

Favorite Things

One of my favorite websites for Moroccan indulgences is A Curated World from Kay McGowan.  Her site was recently launched and is showcasing beautiful, handcrafted products from Morocco. It’s completely an escape for me and there isn’t a single thing that I wouldn’t want to own. I had the pleasure of interviewing Kay a few […]

Introducing My Favorite Female Food Bloggers

favorite female food bloggers

  I have been blogging for over four years now and finally feel like I’ve gotten the hang of it.  That being said there were and are so many other bloggers, especially food bloggers I’ve looked up to and admire.  Their blogs are the ones I go to for inspiration and fool proof recipes.  They […]

Top 10 Favorite Gift Ideas for A Morocco Lover

  Last week I posted my top 10 gift ideas for global kids with a promise for another round-up of ideas.  This version is for lovers of Morocco.  So here we go – The MarocMama Top 10 Gift Ideas for a Morocco Lover.   1) Clay Couscous Steamer/ Colander.  I adore Clay Coyote Pottery for […]

WF: December 17, 2011

Welcome to my weekly favorites post!  Every weekend I will try to share a video talking about some of my favorites for that week.  Maybe it will be question/answers, or a recipe, or a meal, or any numbe of other things.  I’m hoping these posts will give you a little more personal look at who […]