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10 Things To Do with Kids in Providenciales, Turks and Caicos

When the Caribbean is calling, you should take heed and answer! Providenciales in the Turks and Caicos is a family-friendly destination with plenty to do for the young and young at heart. Last summer we stopped for the day as a part of a Caribbean cruise and it was one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been! If your tropical vacation has you booking a flight to Providenciales for a day or a week, here are some things to do with children.

10 Things to Do with Kids in Providenciales

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Take a Boat Cruise

There are plenty of short and long boat trips that leave from Providenciales. Your family can head out for a few hours to explore the waters around the island or take an entire day. For older children, consider renting kayaks and exploring on your own.

Iguana Spotting

Little Water Cay is a small island off the tip of Provo and is referred to as Iguana Island. The animals aren’t scared of visitors, so children can see these iguanas up close and personal.

Take a Pirate Adventure

Outback Adventures offers a pirate adventure boat ride every Wednesday for those who want to explore pirate caves. A BBQ lunch, unlimited drinks, great views in a glass bottom boat, and pirate lore are all included.

Participate in a Kids Club

Many hotels like the Grace Bay Club and Beaches Turks and Caicos Resort Villages & Spa offer a kid’s club for guests. Children of all ages can participate in supervised activities while parents are free to enjoy dinner or some alone time.

Horseback Rides

There are several stables on the island that offer horseback riding for children and families. Rides vary in length and riding level. Most require children to be at least six and have smaller ponies available.

Conch Farming

The world’s only commercial conch farm is located in Providenciales. These unique ocean animals are an important part of life in the Caribbean. Visitors learn about the life cycle of the conch, as well as having the opportunity to touch them.

Do a Little Learning

The National Environment Center is a fun way for families to learn about the wildlife and natural environment of the Turks and Caicos. The museum is small and manageable while still being engaging for children of all ages.

Things to do with Kids in Providenciales

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Hang out at SURFside

For kids that can’t get enough of the water, SURFside Academy is an excellent option. Not only do they offer supervised lessons for a wide variety of water sports, but they offer daily camps for visitors and residents. Field trips, crafts, water sports, and a whole lot more are available to children. Older children can participate in teen camps requisite with activities befitting an older, more experienced child.

Deep Sea Diving

Scuba diving isn’t for everyone, especially if you have young children. Thanks to a glass bottom submarine you can take an hour-long underwater ride and explore the waters of the Turks and Caicos. Caicos Tours offers this experience daily.

Cooking Class

Some hotels like The Regent Palms offer cooking classes on-site. This is a great hands-on way to learn more about local food and culture.

Relax on the Beach

With miles of sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, it makes sense that any time spent in Providenciales should include free time on the beach. Many hotels and resorts offer free use of sand pails and sports equipment so children can play.

Wondering what else to do in Providenciales? Read my other post on family friendly Providenciales hotels.

10 things to do with kids in providenciales


This post is a part of the #HipmunkCityLove campaign. I’m sharing some of my favorite ideas and destinations!

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1. Family and children.

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