Work With MarocMama

There are many ways that you, or your company can partner with MarocMama.  I occasionally offer reviews and giveaways however only of items that I believe fit within my niche.  So you probably won’t find any reviews here for trampolines (though if you want to send me a trampoline I might consider it… just kidding).  As of September 1, 2013 I will be living in Morocco and will likely be unable to receive mailed products.

Email Me to discuss the options listed below or just to say hello!   


Would you like to sponsor MarocMama to attend an event or participate in a unique experience your brand/company is offering?  I have worked with several companies as a brand ambassador.  I truly love to write about food and travel experiences. Professionally speaking I am a social media consultant, have a loyal fan base located worldwide, and a business background.  I work with each brand/company individually to create a unique package of services that is mutually beneficial. If you are interested in promoting your family travel, couples travel offerings, press trips, or other opportunities please do contact me.


If you are a company that is interested in sharing your service with my readers please contact me.  I do have a media kit available upon request that gives specifics on how I do reviews and giveaways.  The following are a list of some areas that I believe fit in with my core writing areas;

  • travel related products for adults and/or children
  • online products having to do with food (menu planning services etc)
  • beautiful handmade items with an international flare
  • travel experiences and opportunities
  • social media and community management
  • freelance writing

If your product or service doesn’t fit into that list – please contact me anyway-it’s quite possible that I haven’t thought of everything!

Sponsored Posts and Ads

I often receive requests offering me “free” content in exchange for the addition of links in a post.  This is a sponsored post and if the material being presented fits with my overall blogging platform I do occasionally accept sponsored posts for a fee that ranges from $75 and up depending on what is being requested.  This can be a great way for your business/brand to get extra exposure.  I however do not accept “guest posts” that are in reality sponsored posts.

To purchase ad space on my website:


Cooking Classes and Personal Catering

I am available to do teach cooking classes to individuals or groups as well as prepare and provide catering and personal cooking in your home or business.  As of September 1, 2013, I will be available for private cooking classes and food tours in Marrakech, Morocco.

For full access of my media kit and statistics please email me.