garlic shrimp bruschetta

Garlic Shrimp Bruschetta for Your Valentine #SundaySupper

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garlic shrimp bruschetta











Thursday is Valentine’s Day, an (in my opinion) over-hyped, commercialized holiday – at least where we live. you might be wondering why in the world I’m blogging about this then. I think that any opportunity we have to show the ones we love our appreciation we should do it.  In my life, that means cooking a meal loaded with love. There is one appetizer that I know will always put a smile on MarocBaba’s face.  It’s so simple and sometimes I wonder why I don’t make it more often. Then again maybe if I did it would be less special?  So how did I discover his love for this dish?  Well that’s an interesting story…

In 2007, we had been married for almost a year and were living in Washington D.C.  My cooking skills were still a bit on the rough side but I truly made an effort to prepare great meals. We had only lived in the area for about 6 months and didn’t really have any friends. Our kids were very young and both of us were working long hours just to get by. Even if we would have known where to go for a night out, we couldn’t afford a babysitter (or to pay for dinner!). On my way home from work that night I stopped and picked up some taper candles and holders from the dollar store.  I had been planning a meal for several days and after I picked up the kids I set to start our meal. MarocBaba worked evenings and I knew I would have just enough time to get the kids fed, bathed and tucked in before I had to finish the meal. I hurried to get everything together.  The menu was pretty simple, it was this garlic bruschetta, cheese stuffed chicken breasts and chocolate covered strawberries. I covered our coffee table with a red tablecloth and set up the taper candles, set out the plates and waited, and waited.  I was actually really nervous! When he finally came home and saw dinner on the table and the house dark a huge smile came across his face. Not to mention, the meal turned out really good.

Since the first time making this very easy appetizer it’s been his first choice when I ask him what he’d like.  If by some chance you’re a guy looking for an easy appetizer to impress your lady *wink wink* this just might be it.

A note – I’ve made this with both raw and cooked shrimp.  I think that it really tastes much better when you use raw shrimp, but if all you’ve got is the pre-cooked variety, reduce the cooking time and only toss it in to warm up the shrimp.


  • 1/2 lb raw black tiger shrimp, de-veined, shelled, and cut into small pieces
  • juice of 1/2 lemon
  • 1 tsp lemon zest
  • 1 Tbsp butter
  • 1 Tbsp olive oil
  • 1 Tbsp crushed garlic (add more if you love garlic!)
  • 1/4 tsp cayenne pepper
  • 1/4 cup cooked corn (I thaw frozen corn)
  • 1/4 cup chopped tomatoes
  • palmful of chopped flat leaf parsley
  • salt to taste
  • toasted rounds or points of bread


In a saute pan, heat the butter and oil on medium heat.  Add the garlic and stir so that the garlic doesn’t burn.

Add the shrimp, lemon juice and lemon zest, continuing to stir until the shrimp turns pink.

Reduce the heat to low and mix in the parsley and cayenne pepper.

Finally mix together the shrimp, tomatoes and corn. Taste and add a pinch of salt if needed.

Toast rounds or points of bread.  Top with the shrimp mixture.

See, I told you it was easy! 

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Amanda MouttakiGarlic Shrimp Bruschetta for Your Valentine #SundaySupper


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  2. Bea

    Such sweet memories and wonderful dish! Here is to a Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your loved ones :)

  3. Sarah | Curious Cuisiniere

    I agree that Valentines Day gets seriously over-hyped, but doing special things for those you love should be a regular thing.
    These appetizers sound delicious. My hubby can’t do shrimp, but I may have to make these to show myself a bit of love :).

  4. Angie @ Big Bear's Wife

    I agree that Valentines day is a overhyped/commercialized holiday but I still kinda like it. We don’t go all out, but it gives me an excuse to make my hubby a sweet valentines meal haha and request that he be lovey dovey all day LOL. I love this Shrimp bruschetta! Perfect for #SundaySupper

  5. Nancy @ gottagetbaked

    Amanda, I feel the same way as you do about Valentine’s Day. If the Husband and I celebrate, it’s at home together with a home-cooked meal. I love the story about one of your first meals in Washington together and how cozy, intimate and delicious it turned out. This bruschetta has everything I love.

    1. Author

      I’d love to see a commercial sometime about spending time with your significant other and not just purchasing “things” for them. Time means so much more than objects.

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  7. Stacy

    When my girls were little, I used to fix bruschetta as an afternoon snack on Sundays and it’s one of our special menu items on Christmas Eve and New Years so this recipe fits right in for Valentines’ Day as well. Pinning this one to try on Thursday, which happens to be the start of weekend here. Perfect!

    1. Author

      Love that you used to do bruschetta with your girls! I’ve enjoyed following your blog since joining #SundaySupper. Dubai is on our “must visit” places – one day we’ll get there ;)

      1. Stacy

        I hope you do get here one day and that I am still here when you do! I am glad that I found your blog too. We all have so much to share – not just food but experiences as well. :)

  8. Liz

    What great memories of a wonderful Valentine’s Day surprise for your hubby. Have you ever made this as an entree? It sounds SO good!

    1. Author

      We’ve certainly eaten enough of it to be considered a main dish! I think it would be great mixed into pasta and served warm or cold.

    1. Author

      It’s funny they always tend to be the most memorable though at the time feel like a stepping stone to bigger things. Looking back the simpler times have such wonderful memories.

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  10. Katy

    Now, that sounds like what Valentine’s Day should be about! Great recipe, this sounds like such a delicious appetizer!

  11. Soni

    Aww that’s such a sweet story!I love how simple this dish is and so delicious!I love Shrimp and cannot wait to try :)

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  18. Alice @ Hip Foodie Mom

    Oh my goodness! Your story sounds just like me and my husband and our family. . I had no cooking skills when we got married (I always joke that I know for fact that he didn’t marry me for my cooking skills :P) and it wasn’t until the birth of our 2nd daughter, while I was still on maternity leave that I dove into cooking and suddenly, my interest in cooking grew. . thank you for sharing this lovely story. . makes this Garlic Shrimp Bruschetta even more special, love it! :)

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  27. Helene Dsouza I Masala Herb

    aww that’s a cute story. Your husband is so lucky to have such a wonderful wife. I am thinking of doing something too this year. Valentines day is really not considered anything here or in the European mountains. I think so I need to send my husband to get some prawns and then I ll surprise him with your Bruschetta as appetizer. Sounds like a plan! =)

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