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What to Pack When Visiting Morocco: Women

Women Travelers in Morocco

SNOB long dress, $94 / Clu loose tank / Etoile Isabel Marant knit top / Joseph scoop neck top, $59 / The North Face wrap sweater / Long sleeve shirt / BKE jeans / Reebok shoes / TOMS , $62 / Banana Republic cross body handbag

There are a series of questions that I tend to get regularly.  I’ve realized it makes great sense to write a post about them and provide inquiring minds with an answer. A frequent question is “I’m visiting Morocco soon, what can I wear or what should I pack?” It can be difficult to know what is and isn’t appropriate to wear and how to best utilize the limited luggage space you may have.  Most airlines only allow one suitcase when going to Morocco, which is fine for a short trip but if you’re the type of person who wants a totally new outfit daily or are planning to spend more time in the country it can be restricting. I’ve been in Morocco at many different times of the year so these tips are good year-round.

A few things to keep in mind;

  • Morocco is a Muslim country and modesty is respected. While you will see women (and men for that matter) wearing a range of clothing it’s best to err on the side of modesty.  Leave your short shorts and strappy tank tops at home.
  • Morocco is an arid climate, much like California.  The day times are warm and the evenings can get quite cool, especially in the winter.  Homes and buildings are built in such a way that they keep cool in summer and (kind of) stay warm in winter.  So while it may be 100F outside, if you’re inside a home or building it can be quite cool.
  • Air conditioning exists but is rarely used.
  • If you’re spending more than a week or two in Morocco it may make sense to simply have your clothes washed.  There are laundry facilities available, simply ask your concierge or riad owner and they will be able to help you get your clothes cleaned.

What Should You Pack?

  • Tunics are a great option as they can be dressed up or down, are light weight and have good coverage.
  • Jeans are a good choice as they’re easy to keep clean, multi-functional and sturdy.
  • A pair of pants that are any other color.  Comfortable, light weight and easy to wash are all keys.
  • A few longer tank tops that can be worn underneath other clothing such as;
  • a cardigan – either light weight or heavier depending on the time of year
  • a cotton jacket or rain coat (winter months).
  • Maxi Dress(es) – I love these for traveling. They are great for any location and the addition of a jacket or sweater makes it  a new outfit!
  • a few scarfs, to dress up outfits, and cover shoulders/head when and if needed.
  • a jacket – weight depending on where you’ll be and what time of year it is
  • 1 pair of sturdy walking shoes
  • 1 pair of sandals (may not be needed in winter months)
  • 1 pair of casual shoes such as TOM’s
  • Feminine products – you can find these in Morocco but with very limited variety
  • a travel size blow dryer and curling iron
  • travel size toilet paper or bathroom wipes
  • facial moisturizer and cleaner – this is really important especially in the summer
  • sunscreen – I’ve never seen it in Morocco and especially if you’re fair skinned you will want this!
  • a small cross shoulder purse/bag

Reconsider Packing

  • strapless or thin strapped tank tops
  • shirts that show your stomach
  • short shorts, or really any shorts that come above your knee
  • high heels – if you’ve got space and know you’ll be partying pack them but you won’t want to walk around in these
  • short dresses – the exception would be if you’re putting leggings underneath
  • a lot of makeup and hair products, they take up a lot of space and may just melt off in the heat
  • excessive jewelry, a few pieces should be enough
  • anything you wouldn’t want to get ruined or stolen

The first image in this post is an example of some pieces I would put together for my suitcase. I try to stick within a color scheme and mix and match items that go with several outfits.

What other questions do you have about packing for women in Morocco? Any packing tips you can offer?


  1. Hi! Thanks for the incredibly helpful information. I understand knee-length or longer for legs, but just to clarify, can shoulders be exposed (no strappy tank tops, but sleeveless is ok?). We will also be staying in some towns in the mountains over the course of our trip…will the same rules apply regarding shoulder-exposure outside of the cities? Thank you so much!!

    • Amanda Mouttaki says:

      Hi Nicole – I should probably update this post. You can wear tanktops/shorts – no one is going to stop you – it just might draw more attention than you might like. Sleeveless is fine. In the mountains maybe a bit more cover might be warranted (depends on where you’ll be). Also keep in mind the temperature differences. It can be 35+C in the city and only 15-20C in the mountains so bring a few layers just in case!

  2. I was thrilled to find your site – Nice job!

    My husband and I are taking our 18 year to Morocco this June as a graduation gift. We are planning on spending 2 weeks visiting Casablanca, Marrakesh, Essaouira, Rabat, Fez and spending a few days in a desert tent complex. Your packing list is vary helpful as I tend to wear heels and short skirts – all of which I will be leaving at home ;-). Do you think I could manage two weeks with one suitcase and a backpack? We will be jumping around write a bit and I do not want to lug around a great deal of “stuff”.

    Any help is appreciated! This will be our first time in African and we are thrilled!

    • Amanda Mouttaki says:

      Yes I’m sure you could. I’d have to agree there are few places you’d care to be walking with heels (uneven sidewalks, loose bricks etc – it’s a broken ankle waiting to happen!) and short skirts are going to garner plenty of unwanted attention, not to mention you’d probably feel a little out of place. I wouldn’t spend too much time in Casablanca as there isn’t much to do. A desert trip will take up at least 3 days. It’s doable but I’m not sure how relaxed you’ll be going around to all those locations. Fez to Marrakech is an 8 hour train ride and from Marrakech to the Sahara is 8-12 hours driving over the mountains each way. Just something to keep in mind! Have fun!

      • Thanks so much – you are so helpful. I think the travel guide we hired is planning stops along the way at various sites to break up the travel time. We are only spending our first day in from the airport in Casablanca. You may be right it may not be very relaxing. May need to convince the husband we need to stay an additional week!

        After all I have read I am afraid I may want to stay and never come back! Thanks again.

  3. Thus is a great list. I would add the following:
    Tinted moisturizer, a stick of color that you can use on lips and cheeks, and mascara – any more makeup will be overkill as you will want to spend more time doing things than in the powder room
    Layers – I live in Iowa and understand cold weather, but I found the winter (NOV/DEC) to be colder/chillier than the temperature stated
    Hair bands/clips – even with a hair dryer and flat iron, sometimes the heat just makes putting your back/up a lot easier!

  4. Thank you so much for this helpful guide! The pictures were espcially helpful. I will be travelling to Morocco (Marrakesh, Fez, and Casablanca) in late November – what type of jacket do you suggest I bring? Thank you!

  5. How short a skirt is too short for Morocco? Is a knee-length dress okay?

  6. Hello! Such an informative post! I’ve been looking all over for something like this. I’m moving to Casablanca for a contract and I couldn’t find current guidelines on what is acceptable for women to go out and about in. This is a good start, thank you.

  7. I’m going to Rabat for a year, this is really helpful! Thanks!

  8. I have the worst time packing for vacations…I always take way too much! This is a great resource for going to so many places. Thanks!

  9. Nice and informative post!! one suitcase is never enough :) regarding sunscreens, i am not sure what part of morocco u usually visit, but any pharmacy (smaller version of CVS or Walgreens) would have an array of european/french brands of sunscreen for face or for body, usually with higher SPF (Uriage, Avene, SVR, etc..), in fact i always stock up on these when i visit. and these pharmacies are found even in villages (major ones), i was visiting Agadir and forgot to pack a tanning sunscreen n i was able to find it and much more at a tiny village pharmacy couple kms outside of Agadir.
    Same goes for toilet paper,even the smallest “hanouts” would carry it, but of course the quality wouldnt be the same :)

    • marocmama says:

      What I’ve found has all been bronzing sunscreens and that’s not what I’m after :). We also have very sensitive skin so I’m reluctant to try things when I can’t read the labels very well! I do hope someone else reads the comments and can try that out in a pinch.

      • Sensitive skin! that i am very familiar with :) if i dont use a proper sunscreen i just burn lol
        the brands i mentioned (Uriage, Avene, SVR, etc..) are international/French brands you can trust and dermatologists usually prescribe them in Morocco or Europe in general. The brand SVR for example is even carried now in select Walgreens across the states! Hope that helps!


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