World Food Program: Together

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Do the holidays leave you wishing you hadn’t indulged so much?

Are you worrying about standing in line to return unwanted gifts?

For millions around the world, their biggest struggle is getting enough food to make it through one more day.  The World Food Program is a vital link that provides nutrition and clean water to the most needy around the world.  Whether conflict, drought, famine, or natural disaster is to blame the WPF helps support the world’s most food insecure.

If you’re looking to give back during this holiday season consider making a donation to this worthwhile organization.

Here’s how you can help a family devastated by a recent emergency:

 • $35 provides nutritious food for 2 weeks

• $75 provides food for 1 month

• $150 provides food for the next 2 months

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Amanda MouttakiWorld Food Program: Together

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