Cleaning Out my Cupboards

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Once upon a time my friend Yvonne at My Halal Kitchen wrote a post called “Brighten Up Your Kitchen” that included a giveaway for some very cute pink shelf liner.  I entered of course, because living in a home chock full of testosterone I need as much pink in my life as I can get. And I won!  I had taken some great pictures of my lazy susan and the carnage that inhabited it.

Did I mention my lazy susan interior is a shade of 1970’s mushroom orange.  Ew.

I seem to accumulate a lot of things in the kitchen.  Don’t get me wrong I use them I just don’t have much patience for keeping things straight and tidy.  So today I decided I’d share my little project.  I pulled up my picture files and somehow the complete step by step pictures of the project have been eaten.  They were no where to be found!  Go figure, my one shot at being “sort of” crafty and I lose the proof.  I ran upstairs and snapped a few pictures, as I’ve mostly kept it in good shape.

Ugly Lazy Susan

I warned you that it was a really ugly orange.  Hideous isn’t it?  If we weren’t living in a rental home I would have torn it out months ago.

Cute Contact Paper

See now isn’t that better?

I have intentions of lining my shelves with this cute paper too, I just haven’t gotten to taking out everything to do it.  Here’s a big virtual hug to Yvonne for helping me “girl-up” my kitchen!!!

But wait there’s more!

Yvonne has this really awesome book called “Clean Your Kitchen Green” – it’s loaded with about a zillion ideas for how to clean your kitchen without using chemicals.  I love my copy. I wanted to tell you to go buy one but then I saw this…

Clean Your Kitchen Green

EXCEPT – I have a copy to give away!  You have until next Friday June 29th to enter.  I’m going to make it easy for you – 

  • Leave a comment telling me your biggest challenge in your kitchen.  It could be cooking, cleaning, planning, organizing, operating your blender – anything!!

I’ll pick one comment to win a copy of this book.  In the meantime make sure you’re following the My Halal Kitchen Facebook page to find out when the second edition of this book is available – oh and of course for tons of great recipes and cooking ideas.

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Amanda MouttakiCleaning Out my Cupboards


  1. Mona

    The hardest part of my kitchen is doing the dishes. I have the hardest time doing them. I think that I think about it too much, and then I let it pile up, and then its a big hassle to finish it. I feel like the rest of the kitchen isn’t bad. I can cook, and clean the rest fine, but the dishes just get to me.

  2. Marian

    I have several challenges in the kitchen unfortunately :(. I’m a set it and forget it type of person so food sometimes ends up being not as nice as intended loool. This leads to alot of mess in the kitchen, primarily from all of the dishes and pots. I’m another shorty so reaching the top cupboards is a chore, especially with a 9month pregnant belly in the way :).

  3. Desiree

    My floors! I have ceramic floors and I have yet to find a good homemade green cleaning recipe that is strong enough to clean my floors and not leave steaks or oily residue. I’m hoping this book can help if I win it, inshaAllah! ;)

  4. Aisha

    Many of the challenges i have arise because of my height. lol :P. My cabinets are really high, that i can only reach the first cubboard, even then i have to stand on my toes. This leads me to put all my important spices, and plates etc there which overcrowds the first cubboard. I put all the other stuff on the higher levels, for those stuff, i usually have pull up a chair all the time, or ask my hubby to get it for me :P!

  5. kenza

    Ohhh, what to tell about the kitchen, I love to cook, and my meal are often successful, but then I wish I had some kind of genie in a bottle that would clean my mess…a nightmare!!!! My mother always told me that the best way to have a clean kitchen and a ready meal at the same time is to clean the dishes and the space as soon as you are done with them, even if you do it a million times a day, but guess what, it is one more wise thing my mom told me and I did not follow :-(
    Alhamdulillah, I am now training my daughter to love cleaning, so she can be, inchaallah, my genie in a bottle ;-)
    P.S. I am already a fan of Yvonne on FB and I love checking out her posts.
    Thanks for this giveaway, and good luck to all participants!!!

  6. littlemoments

    oh boy, I have many challenges in the kitchen! but the biggest is cleaning the open shelves all the time, every single spice jar, never ending job…moving soon so definetly inshallah going to think out the design of the kitchen regarding EASY CLEANING!

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