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I’ve often wondered what people did before the internet.  How did they find new products?  Where did they share these new finds?  Then I remember there really isn’t a time in my life before the internet so it’s all a bit subjective.  Six months or so ago I discovered Go Picnic when I was searching for picnic recipes.  I got really excited.


The box is cute and as I started to read about what came in each box I was even more excited.  It’s just like having a little meal ready to go!  There are endless opportunities for me and my family to use a product like this such as;

  • kids lunches
  • my lunch at work
  • a quick meal in the car before an event
  • meal for a car trip
  • airplane food!
  • pantry staple for an easy meal
Really there are endless possibilities.  As I browsed through the different products that Go Picnic has to offer one thing really stood out to me.  We can eat almost everything they offer!  Both me and the kids have gotten used to buying things only to remove 1/2 the contents because it’s not pork-free.  We try to eat halal or organic as much as possible but are not opposed to eating meat that is not zabihah (slaughtered Islamically) but not pork.
I tried out the Hummus + Crackers meal to give you a fair view of the product.  I grabbed it on my way out the door one rushed morning.  This box contains all natural products, is gluten free, is vegan and has no artificial colors or flavors, and while not advertised is halal as well.  Great for us and our dietary lifestyle.   For you dieters it also has 25g of protein and is 400 calories.   Inside there is;
  • Wild Garden Hummus Dip
  • Crunchmaster Multi-Seed Crackers
  • Sweet Perry Orchards Baja Blend Fruit & Nut Mix
  • Seapoint Farms Dry Roasted Edamame
  • Endangered Species Dark Chocolate Square
At first I thought it just wasn’t going to be enough to be filling but I saved the edamame and ate it later as a snack.  So it is really filling.  I would even suggest tossing in some baby carrots or fresh fruit to round this meal out.  I loved it and am putting in an order for more varieties for our upcoming plane trip.
Some of the other varieties that sound great to me ;
  • Tuna and Crackers
  • Salmon and Crackers
  • (Beef) Salami and Cheese
  • Turkey Stick and Crunch
  • Turkey Pepperoni and Cheese
Go Picnic has offered to giveaway two of the Hummus + Crackers to one lucky reader!   Enter to win by completing the entries below.  You’ll have until August 31st.  Good luck!


Visit the Go Picnic webpage and tell me which meal you’d most like to try.


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**Please note I have had to redo the giveaway entry form for this.  If you previously entered you do NOT need to again – you will be entered in the giveaway.  If you have not yet entered please follow the above entry method.  

.Tomorrow’s Meal Ideas

Suhoor:  I have two bananas on my counter that need to be used up ASAP.  I suggest this recipe for peanut butter banana bread to use up that extra fruit!

Iftar: One of my favorite new grains is barley.  I never realized I liked it and there’s even a 10 minute instant version.  With our CSA box full of ripe delicious heirloom tomatoes a Tomato and Barley Soup seems like a good idea.

Dinner:  An old favorite and stand-by – a beef and prune tajine.

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Amanda MouttakiMeals on the Run – Go Picnic Giveaway


  1. Umm Nassim

    Hummus and crackers -great for on the go and the kids would love these in their lunch boxes!

  2. Amina

    I would eat hummus with just about anything halal:) Love that this is convenient AND healthy, seems like kind of a rare combo these days!


  3. L.L.

    Are they gonna give away any others besides the hummus? The pepporoni sounds yummy, i haven’t had any since I became a Muslim

    1. Author

      Not on my site but keep your eyes open they might somewhere else!

  4. Madi

    mmmm….Turkey Pepperoni…I’ve really missed pepperoni since I quit eating pork 5 years ago! :-)

  5. domestic diva

    The hummus and crackers sounds great.  The pasta with vegetables also sounds really good.  Yum!

  6. moroccolov er

    do any of these places that u giveaways for (like the picnic food) take foot stamps?

    1. Author

      I’m guess you mean food stamps not foot stamps ;) Many of them are online but I do know Go Picnic is in stores. If you use their store locator on the site it will tell you where they were sold. When I looked at my zip code this was sold at Target which does accept food stamps. As long as the item qualifies as purchasable with your state it should be just fine.

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