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Today is the first day of fasting and I hope that suhoor filled you up!  If this is one of the first times you’re fasting, it does get easier as the week goes on.  Because Ramadan is in the heat of summer this year make sure that you are drinking a lot of water in the mornings and at iftar.  Hydration is even more mportant than food.  Remember I’m posting menus one day ahead but feel free to use them as you see fit.

Suhoor:  Omelettes with vegetables (leftover from dinner last night or freshly cut).  You can add cheese and cut up meat as well.

Reminder: The fast is broken traditionally with dates and water.  Make sure to have plenty of dates on hand to get you through the month.  MY favorite are Mejdool but Neglet or another variety is fine. 

Iftar: A lovely soup from Dinners and Dreams (a great website for more Moroccan food ideas). Chicken Couscous Soup, tea sandwiches, and dates.   This soup is not too heavy for summer but has some good lean protein included as well.  Remember protein keeps you full!  Freeze any leftovers for another night.  An easy accompaniment to this soup are tea sandwiches.  Some suggestions are cucumber and cream cheese on pumpernickel bread or roast beef and swiss with a dijon mustard on rye bread.  Reminder: Steam about 2 cups of extra couscous and set aside for suhoor tomorrow.

Dinner: Beef Tajine with Apricots.  A little more time consuming but worth it.  If you start this right after iftar it should be ready to go in a few hours.  Finish cooking the meat and then after isha prayers cook the prunes/almonds and serve.  Of course if you’re like me and iftar is your big meal you can swap the order of these two around.



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