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Food of the Sun: Bread…next week!

This week was going to highlight breads of the Mediterranean but I think that we will hold off and postpone for next week.  I have decided to leave two weeks to complete each challenge.  It will give everyone a little breathing room and a chance to participate.  Not to mention allow me to get back into things with French Friday’s as well!

To get you warmed up and thinking about bread I’m going to share the bread recipes that have been featured on my blog in the past.

Braided Herb Bread

Traditional Khobz


Zaatar Flat Bread

There are so many more great breads from around the Mediterranean and I promise next Friday to share a brand new one!  

Don’t forget my giveaway!! and check out Henia’s round up from last week!


  1. ://: Héni ://: says:

    All your breads look wonderful Amanda! Looking at the recipes now! =)

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