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So I don’t like breakfast…so what?

I don’t like breakfast, you might have noticed I don’t post a lot of breakfast recipes.  That’s because I usually don’t eat it.  Before you tell me that it’s the most important meal of the day and it’s the fuel that gets you going – hear me out.  When I wake up it takes me a long time to even feel like I’m hungry – it usually is about 11am.  So I eat “breakfast” then, lunch around 4pm and then dinner around 8pm.  Maybe my clock is off?  So when Ramadan rolls around I usually sleep through suhoor and then about 3pm I get really hungry.  This is a problem.  I promised myself that this year I would really try to get up and eat no matter what, even if I had to gag it down. 

First day of Ramadan, I slept through suhoor, bad start.  This morning thanks to some nasty thunderstorms I was up at 3am.  Score.  I had plenty of time to do a little wake up and then decided to give this tasty oatmeal a shot.  I overdid the peanut butter a bit and while it was good, it reminded me of a bowl of cookie dough and at 3am that’s just not going to work.  Next time…I might have to make some changes.  I went to the farmer’s market and picked up some organic peppermint the previous day and it smelled heavenly.  I mean this was real mint I felt like just smelling it was somehow breaking my fast because it just smelled THAT good.  I pulled off a few stems and threw it in a pitcher of water.  I drank at least 4 glasses of peppermint water with my oatmeal, so good. 

Tomorrow is a new day and maybe the morning will be better too.  I’m glad that I can make the choice to fast or not.  Give a read to this article from The Economist about the right to fast or not in Morocco.

Do you have some breakfast ideas to make mornings better?  (no smoothies please!)


  1. Great ideas and worth a shot. Pizza might be more appetizing!

  2. Thank you for the link to that article. We do not fast as we are not Muslim, but Abdel has never liked for me to tell anyone, especially Moroccans. Now I understand why.

    If you're not big on breakfast, you might try non-breakfast foods. I eat almost anything at any time of day and find that for me it isn't "what meal it is" that determines what I choose, rather what I'm in the mood for or what is available.

  3. I eat breakfast but it's hard for me to eat normal breakfast foods at 4am & half asleep. Took one small bite of a bagel w/cream cheese and i knew i wasn't gonna finish it. Normally what really works for me is savory foods. This morning I had pad Thai w/shrimp. Some mornings I'll have pizza. Ok, not exactly the healthiest but I can get them down and I don't get nearly as hungry.

  4. ! amanda, breakfast is only like, the best thing ever. i eat even when i'm not really hungry; i just eat less. it helps kick start my metabolism and i find that when i eat breakfast, my meals tend to be smaller and i tend to snacking a little more (i eat pretty often throughout the day). plus, breakfast foods done right are really something special. i hope one day you become a 'breakfast person' too :)


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