Travel Tuesday: Chicago Pizza

So…………… this is not my creation.  And odds are pretty good I never will make one of these but it was a very tasty pizza.   My husband and I were in Chicago this past weekend for a long vacation and to attend the ISNA convention.  I had very few things I wanted out of the weekend except to spend some time with my husband, eat Chicago pizza, and meet Tariq Ramadan.  Happily I can report that I accomplished all three!

So here is my Chicago pizza, with ground beef, mushrooms and black olives.  It was good – it was actually really good.  We ordered from Girodanos because they delivered to our hotel and we weren’t going to try and break our car out of hotel parking.  One piece of this pizza however is enough.  It’s like a pizza on top of a pizza.  I’m sure my cholesterol levels rose after eating it but trust me it was worth it!  

Also, we stayed at the Hyatt Regency O’hare.  It’s a very nice hotel although a bit old.  I have to give them huge props however on their breakfast buffet that was all halal meat over the entire convention weekend.  In my opinion it’s a great thing to experience several days of eating where I don’t have to second guess ingredients.  Not to mention the staff was incredibly kind, helpful and willing to accomodate most any request that was made.  That’s great service.  It was a good weekend away!  

So what about you?  How often do you get away for a mini vacations?  Where is your favorite location and why?  I’m always on the lookout for new vacation spots!


  1. Sounds fantastic Nachida!

  2. More or less live close enough to Chicago all my life but never had Chicago-style pizzas. Might at least try it once.

    Don't get away very often myself. But you may want to look into Saugatuck, Michigan. Nice, sometimes touristy little artist colony on the east side of Lake Michigan, with sand dunes in the area as well. Only been there twice for quick day trips but still a nice play to visit.

  3. My mouth is watering! That pizza looks SO good! So glad you guys had such a nice time!

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